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Scot Newbury
A Freemason living in the digital age.
A Freemason living in the digital age.

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An interesting story about how gaming helped some "escape" prison #rpg

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An interesting read that may cause you to rethink a bit about where the improvement work of your Lodge should be done.

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This is well worth the read

I read a lot of articles and posts and this is one that I feel every Mason should take the time to read. It's a story that all too often is repeated and goes unnoticed.

Thank you +Bill Hosler​

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A short article that covers some of the origin of the Fraternity in Canada. 

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Would you use luggage like this? 
The Luggage That Follows You Around

Anybody who's read Terry Pratchett ( knows that Rincewind ( is often saved by his Luggage that keeps following him around. Travelmate now has a "fully autonomous suitcase that can go anywhere" ( - check it out.

Not entirely convinced yet that it is truly indestructible (I bet United could really break it - or that it can travel across dimensions (just yet) but it is a good start :D 

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The article is a quick read and does raise some valid points about the need for Masonic education to be an organization effort, not just one person.

I'm curious, how many out there belong to a Lodge that has a full education program?

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As we mark the midway point of the year the Blog Carnival rolls into Daemons and Deathrays for this month's top of Doomsdays and Dystopias.

From the post, "To me, a dark setting is all the more in need of heroes. And when they’re a point of light in a dark and uncaring universe, their actions matter that much more."

Take a read through the kickoff post and then be sure to a link to your article both at the site and here so everyone can enjoy.

May your dice roll well.

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The Midnight Freemasons: Reflections On Freemasonry At The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
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