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Bear Weiter
Writer (as Jacob Ruby and Bear Weiter), Illustrator, Animator, Art Director at Monte Cook Games, Owner of Wombat Studios
Writer (as Jacob Ruby and Bear Weiter), Illustrator, Animator, Art Director at Monte Cook Games, Owner of Wombat Studios

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We're in the last hour of the Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter - play a god, ride a dinosaur, or maybe just go insane (supers!). Several books have been launched by this Kickstarter, and it's still not too late to make the offerings a bit better.

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Our Kickstarter, Worlds of the Cypher System, funds three new settings books for use as is or in other Cypher System games (Numenera and The Strange...I'm sure someone creative could even make them work for No Thank You, Evil!). They let you play gods, insane super heroes, or develop your own bio-engineered dinosaur. We've also unlocked several stretch goals already, and have a whole load of goodies to come.

Check it out, or share with your gamer friends!

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Our latest Kickstarter has launched - Worlds of the Cypher System! Want to play a god in a fantasy setting, ride your very own bio-engineered dinosaur, or play an insane super hero? You can do all of that and more.

Check it out, and please help us spread the word by sharing - all of our previous Kickstarters have unleashed a wealth of new products for backers while being fulfilled in a timely fashion, and I'm certain this one won't be any different.

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So this happened today - or, rather, it was announced today - I'm joining the Monte Cook Games team as its Art Director. I couldn't be more excited for the opportunity - the team, and the work they've done, is second to none.

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Do you read Black Static? If so, did you read my story ("The Little Things" by Jacob Ruby - one of my pen names) in the current issue?

If not, would you like a copy? I picked up several extra copies and I'm giving them away over the next couple of weeks (between now and World Horror - end of March). If you'd like a chance to win a copy leave a comment on the link below (the link, not here on Google+) - and make sure to register with an email address where I can contact you. I'll start randomly picking names in a few days, drawing from the same pool several times over.

(Comments require approval due to spammers - please be patient if your comment doesn't immediately show up).

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The title spread from the upcoming issue of Black Static (#27) for my story "The Little Things" - yeah, I'm jazzed.

And, yeah, I'm Jacob Ruby.

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Because I just put down the last words on the first rough draft of my first novel, I thought I'd look around to see what should be good novel lengths. This article seemed like a good source of info.

And for the record - I'm thinking of mine as a young adult horror book (though that may still change) and it currently weighs in at 82k words.

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On the Ink Punks site (where a great group of people write about the creative process) I have a guest blog, discussing the use of friends for critiques.

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Recent short story acceptances:

"The Collector" will appear in Slices of Flesh, released at World Horror 2012.

"The Little Things" will appear in a forthcoming issue of Black Static, possibly as early as February.

I blog briefly about it below.

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Where Orrin starts a contest and I share it - go to his original post to enter!

Okay, here we go. To celebrate the fact that I suddenly have over 800 followers on this here Google+ thingy, I figured I ought to post something cool. Since I don't have anything particularly cool to post right now, I figured we could have ourselves a good ol' fashioned hole digging contest. I'm going to keep it really simple. Everyone who comments on this post gets entered and then I'll put all your names into a hat or something and I'll draw one out at random and whoever I draw will get an original flash fiction story, written by me and printed out on nice paper, mailed directly to them and signed by me. Sound like a plan?

[EDIT: It has occurred to me that I should probably set some kind of deadline for this. Let's say the cutoff is Monday November 28th at 12pm CST, in the United States.]

Commenting multiple times will still only get you entered once (sorry) and if you win you're going to have to be willing to email me your address. Other than that, it's fair game for everyone except people who already live in my house, which I think only currently excludes two of you.

(Please feel free to re-share, but in order to be entered into the contest you'll have to come here and comment on the original post.)
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