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9 ways to save 25% of your income
A recent study found that 62% of Americans don't even have $1k in savings.  You can beat that statistic in one month! Find more here. So our family made the decision that I would take the summer off from work to stay home with our 2 year old and get some re...

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Your Friend, Beatrice
COME SEE ME IN MY NEW HOME- I've been thinking a lot lately- too much, actually. There is one thing in the world that puts things in perspective for me, really calms me down. This is going to sound crazy. Baking is ...

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Strawberry Dream Cake
I'm a sucker for anything nostalgic. For me, the new year always comes with a certain pleasant and warm feeling. Yes, I said warm. While it has been anything but warm outside, my oven is always hot in January and February for some reason. Perhaps it's all t...

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Trick or Treat
No Such Things as a Bad Apple, but there might be a bad apple pie... You know how something looks like a good idea, but something inside you hesitates just a little. Listen to your instincts. Maybe you have seen the pictures swirling around with beautiful r...

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B is for Breakfast and Basketball
I don't only eat desserts.(surprise!) During basketball season, things change for our family. We start eating better, more balanced meals. We eat less sweets, sigh. To turn my frown upside down, I like to embrace the change and make life just as delicious a...

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Peanut Butter Pep Talk
Nothing screams Halloween like orange and black. This translates into chocolate and peanut butter--my first loves. So, I did what any self-respecting baker would do and I waited until my husband left to head to the grocery store. I also picked up some dark ...

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