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Debug an IR-receiver on a Raspberry PI 2.

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One more try to create a StackExchange-discussion around antiques.

The third one if I counted correctly. Please follow.

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Type of Appeal: Portal Edit
Reason: Name is incorrect
Current Portal Name: Église De Saint Sulpice De Favieres
Suggested new name: Église Saint-Sulpice
Intel Link:,2.178869&z=19

A name-change-request of mine has been rejected. I'm appealing because the current name of the portal is really not correct.

The portal is a church (in French: église) in the town of Saint Sulpice De Favieres.

The church is in fact carrying the name of Saint Sulpice (Sulpicius the Pious in English).

Originally (13th century) the town was called Favieres. Later on the name given to the church was added to the village
name making it Saint Sulpice De Favieres.

tl;dr; The town is called Saint Sulpice De Favieres. The church is called Saint Sulpice .

Reference: The english Wikipedia-site is summarizing it quite well:

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I'm feeling a little bit sad about these two guys.

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Type of Appeal: Rejected New Submission (does not meet criteria)
Title:  Calvaire des Terres Rouges
City, Region and Country: Sermaise, Essonne, Ile de France, France
Lat/long(s): 48.512621, 2.122021 
Exact Address:  26-28 route de Mondetour, Sermaise

Intel link:,2.079801&z=19
Streetview link:
Earth Link:

This "Calvaire" has been placed here in honor to the FAVIER-BOUJON family who has lived in Sermaine since 1633. Its last descendant has disappeared in 1966. 

I think this makes it a valid request and even very good portal with a known historical background . There is no portal within a 300m radius. Relatively isolated (there are roads close by with a car a passing by once every hour. Lots of hikers, runners (like me) and mountain bikers. 

As a description I translated the French sign into English saying: 
"In memory of the FAVIER-BOUJON-family. In Sermaise since 1633 and its last descendant Pierre-Denys FAVIER (1894-1966) ordained priest in 1925."

Last but not least, there are at least 2 portals depicting "Calvaires" within a 2km radius with a similar motivation (but this one is more beautiful ;-) ):


I'd appreciates any explanation why this is not a valid portal.

Thanks for helping out.
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Invalid Request.
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