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New Episode 73 - Worse Episode EVER!!!

Listen at your own risk... 1 out of 10 listeners had their minds blown.
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Ladies, kudos to your Dark Knight Rises discussion! Really interesting, I'd say much better than the one we had on our show. Sorry Jen, I think I have to go with Kia on this one. I get where you were coming from but I appreciated Kia's points about going into the movie with prior info. I went in pretty cold and the big twist near the end actually did catch me by surprise. 

Awesome easter egg!
The Dark Knight Rises discussion was very good. Jamie's first thoughts resemble mine. I appreciated seeing Batman's human side and weakness. To me, people who give Dark Knight Rises lower ratings have a high expectations and desire for it to be directly like the comics and tv series.
I don't think everyone who gives the Dark Knight Rises lower ratings have an expectations for it to be directly like the comics or the tv show. 

I really tired of the thought that if you take prior knowledge of the comics you can't enjoy the film cause you have a specific type of expectation... but the point as a director is to toe the line between respecting the source material and bringing something new for audiences who are not exposed to the original materials.  So, this idea that you need a blank slate to enjoy the movie is crazy to me.  

I enjoyed the movie but that doesn't mean there were not issues with the story or some of the characters.

For example,  I knew prior about the story of Talia and her character personality.  Nolan pretty much got that right but the whole story about why she was upset with her father was a pretty weak point.  Plus, the part when Batman is in the pit.. the way Nolan use the men there to give clues that the child & Bane were not the same was pretty tricky & I caught it.  My only grip was the fact Batman didn't ask more questions.. but we agreed that a mixture of hallucinations, pain and arrogance let him assume too quickly.   I just wanted to see some growth in his character as Batman.. 
You have a valid argument Ms. Fairfield. 
Great points Ms. Fairfield. 
Apparently Askars likes nude scenes so much that he goes au naturel (instead of wearing a merkin or whatever the other actors put on themselves when filming those scenes)!
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