On December 22 2011, the Core Foundation was poured at Sovereign to form the base of our upcoming landmark tower in Burnaby. It certainly was quite the exciting production and busy day on site. This was, without a doubt, one of the largest quantities of concrete that we’ve ever poured in a single day. Here are some facts to get a better idea:

• Approximately 9,300 square foot slab
• Upwards of 8’ deep
• Three pumps were running all day
• 200 cubic meters of concrete was poured per hour
• Over 250 Concrete Trucks used
• In total, approximately 2,100 cubic meters of concrete was poured!

Although a challenging day to plan, it was all worth while as everything was completed ahead of schedule. Check out the pictures, and stay tuned for more exciting Sovereign construction updates.
Sovereign Core Foundation - 22 December 2011 (19 photos)
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