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Elizabeth Kennerley

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I have no idea how this whole Google+ thing works, so if I appear clueless, it's because I am ;).
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It's a bit like Twitter and a bit like Facebook, but kinda like neither.

It works best if there's a community of people you're interested in using it, of course.

Like Twitter, don't feel the need to follow people back just because they followed you, and follow people who you find interesting, regardless of whether you think they'll follow back.

Unlike Twitter, that-all works a bit better if you can get mutual following, since a lot of people post to their circles, rather than publicly. For example, most of what I say here has to do with game design, so it's mostly posted to my Gamers circle.

Also unlike Twitter, and more like Facebook, you can go on at length, and all the conversation around a post is attached to it as comments. But I think that's about as close as it gets to Facebook.

That's my 2¢.
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Elizabeth Kennerley

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My life living in Boston as a recent college grad looking for a job while working towards my goal of becoming a Child Life Specialist.
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