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Every so often I get the urge to show you all my mans...I mean, babble incoherently at you about stuff like Dwarf Fortess and other super-nerdy mainly game-related things. Thing is, I don't want to bore you, here's my request.

If you reply here, I'll include you in what will likely be a very small, probably infrequently posted to circle that sees stuff like, "Holy crap! A 12 year old has just been elected Mayor of my fort! And they've got some rare likes. Ut-oh, looks like someone's maybe renting from the MagmaInn Suites." Followed soon thereafter by, "OMG the kid was friends with EVERYBODY and now it's tantrum spiral o:clock and also everything's on fire now?! OMG!"

That's about right. Anyway, if you want to see more of that (though probably not that exciting, that's hard to top...) let me know here, otherwise this will likely be the last time you hear about DF (or Europa Universalis III, or SW:TOR, or whatever else I'm obsessed with gaming-wise). :)
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I don't so much care about DF, but I'll talk SW:TOR all day with you. :P
Zomg. Wooten! I am also one with the swtor. It has my soul. And my sole. And my ghola. Which is just confusing the universes. 
Not quite EUIII but Crusader Kings 2's demo just came out and i took it for a spin yestereve. I'm pretty horrible at these games but golly this is a gorgeous and robust strategy game. :) Will likely get the full game.
+Tom Riecken Absolutely Dune's gholas. I could do with a few ghola clones myself. To the Tleilaxu tanks, Batman!
+Euclides Pereyra Strategy games? Cripes. I never got past Tetris as far as strategic thinking goes.
+Nicola Nye and here's your next shipment of Duncan Idaho's, fresh for the killing. Now there's an idea for a alt/fanfic! There could be a Dune BATMAN! He can pilot a Bat-Ornithopter and wear a bat-still-suit. The corrupt Queen Alia reigns terror upon the people... but deep below the Sietches of the sand.... there is the Batman. Because unlike Muad'Dib he is the hero Arrakis deserves, but not the one it needs... DUN DUN DUN

+Euclides Pereyra Paradox certainly does know how to make addictively hard games...
+Tom Riecken That is such a fantastic idea! Seriously. Someone should pitch that to DC and see if they can do a crazy-ass Elseworlds: Batman The Dune Knight. I'd pay cash money for that trade paperback. :)
Though the thought of a Batman mating with a Dune worm and producing a flying sandworm... Hmm... flying sandworm... Sounds like... a dragon!
Emperor BatGodDragonKing of Dune: the previously buried 15th Herbert manuscript.
Maybe it could be an alt universe where the Atriedes house crest is a bat? Maybe the Harkonnens call him the Batman but the Fremen call him some something in their own language. Plus he's got the most bad ass vaguely arabic-babylonian armor looking batsuit ever. Eh?

I wouldn't know who or where to propose to DC but a joke gone too far turned into a badass comic book would be pretty cool!
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