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Susan Jacobson
Licensed Psychotherapist in Palm Beach County, Florida.
Licensed Psychotherapist in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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Palm Beach Martin County Therapist

Relationships, Child Counseling

Child Timeshare, Evaluations & Social Investigations

Family Mediator - I am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. Mediation is a confidential process, in which the mediator facilitates the parties to resolve their differences peacefully.

Family Mediation, Timeshare, Alimony, Child Support, Equibatable Distrubution, and everything else in dispute is discussed.

Supervised "timesharing," or parenting time, may be court ordered and take place in the presence of a trained professional.

The supervisor will encourage positive interaction between the parent and child.

Care is taken to guarantee the safety of parents and their children at all times.

Traveling With Pets

Traveling on an airplane may trigger uncomfortable anxiety and/or panic attacks.

As a Licensed Clinician, if after a few session, I determine it will be helpful to have your pet accompany you on your travels, I will draft a letter to the airlines of your choice, such that your emotional support pet can be with you.
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