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UnMentoring is back - bigger and better for 2016

It has been some time since the last UnMentoring took place – However in that time we have been reviewing how the scheme works and what we can do to improve it.

To help make this opportunity better we have decided to work with the good folks at Spark Collaboration who are letting us use their platform to run UnMentoring – You can find out more about Spark Collaboration here >

We are really excited by this new relationship as it moves UnMentoring out of beta and into live and allows us to scale up easier and without any administrative complexity.

However it does mean that if you want to continue with UnMentoring you will have to sign up again on the new platform here - apologies about that but we wanted you to be in control of whether you continued or not >

It only takes 30 seconds to complete and you will need to validate your email. The main difference is that you are in control of your profile and your details which means you can update your profile when things change. You can also add links to your social platforms which should help provide some context for the introductions. You can even add a photo if you wanted to!

The next round of UnMentoring will start from 8th February so please sign up ASAP

We hope that you want to continue with UnMentoring, we know that it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to connect but we truly believe in helping you connect with people who can help you grow personally and professionally.

Encourage others to sign up too…

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Carl Haggerty commented on a post on Blogger.
Interesting post Phil,
I'm of the view that the greatest value a practitioner can create locally is an organisational view on what this stuff means and be consistent about it. I'm using the wider organisational hook of outcomes led transformation as the place to talk about systemic change and then explaining through stories of how digital transformation can contribute to that - essentially though it will be different in each place because we all have slightly different views and perspectives - the key question is are we being clear about what we mean locally or are we simply reusing old crap because we are lazy...for me digital is more than ones and zeroes because to understand it and truly exploit the potential requires different thinking. This is not digital technology but without explaining context and framing it in that context we end up having technology debates with old thinking and crap systems...

I am concerned however by the bandwagon approach which is counter productive and simply brings old crap back into conversations using current terms.

As I said interesting post :)

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Just Posted: Job Opportunity - Do you want to come and work with @DCCWebteam #localgov #localgovdigital

I’ve just posted some details about a job opportunity over on Re:Work Digital - we are looking for a Public Information and Creative Service Manager who can lead the delivery and development our new approach to public information and access. A snippet…

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Might be useful for collaboration projects

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what has driven your navigation ? User journeys or LGNL?

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"User Experience Is More Than Design—It’s Strategy" 

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here is a cut and paste of the google chat earlier today

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A really useful resource for people
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