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Don't let your memes be dreams
Don't let your memes be dreams


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His fingers tapped a rhythm on the park bench, a melody he could not quite recall where from. Perhaps it was one he had a long time ago, in a whisper of a dream. He lifted his cigarette to his mouth with his other hand and breathed in the fumes and puffed them out, silver smoke coming from like the soul of an evil sprit exiting his body.
He watched the people walk buy, each involved in their own daily activities, trying to cram all of their activities as quickly as possible into their short lives. The corners of his mouth lifted into a wry smile. He wondered if humans knew how temporary life was, how useless it was to try and "savor" it. Of course he considered himself no better then the rest of them. He was just as vile and disgusting as all of them. Adrian's dark eyes glanced up at the now darkening, angry sky. He took in another breath of smoke and slowly blew it out, watching it as it crawled up, up, up and dissipating, like a ghosty snake.
He looked back down, across the street. Scanning the people as they ran quickly, afraid of the rain. What did they have to fear of a few droplets of water? Water quenched the fire, and that is the real danger.
What a hypocrite, He mused.
Off all people, I play closely with the flames. His gaze turned its attention to the rusty gear on the chain around his neck. He had an, obsession so to stay, with the mechanical, with the broken. And in this order of business, heat and fire tended to be a bit more than an acquaintance.

Please try to be semi-descriptive, preferably more than a line or two. This is my first time trying something of this grandeur, and I really want to get in the habit of this. No text talk either, and no godmodding. No "..." Replies and try for good grammar.
No Mary/Gary Sues. Also no furries and let's try to avoid the supernatural in general. I'm always up for a good fantasy rp, but I want to try something different.
No smut at all whatsoever. I highly doubt this will lead to any romance at all, I'm not even attempting this to go in that direction. But just a general thing with me.
I have no idea where this rp will go so feel free to help guide this story!
Lastly, if I ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable, please tell me. And feel free to admin chat with me! Have fun~

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((Hey guys~ I decided to write a little something. It may not be the best thing ever but I kinda just spilled my thoughts onto the page.
To give you a little back story the girl lives in a world that's fully industrialized, it's one giant city.))

Snow? Ha. There's no snow here.  The young female pulled her black coat tighter around her. The City had no snow. Only dry gray skies in summer, darker, cold skies in the winter and occasionally wind. But not the cool kind, the dusty kind that filled your lungs with smoke and made you feel like you were suffocating. There was no weather. All the factories with their smoke took care of that. "Weather" was taught to them by their teachers, weather was only seen in books and movies. So that's why, no matter how much the sky looked like it was about to explode, there would be no snow. Just a cold, murky feeling throughout the day, every day. The girl let out a sigh, her breath condensing before her. A loud clanging filled her ears as the bells tolled eight times. She waited impatiently for the light to turn green so she could cross. She would be late to school at this rate. She shivered. Even though she was wearing a coat and and a matching black scarf, it was still freezing. Perhaps it was because her tights were ripped in places, maybe she was just imagining being cold from the thought of snow.
       Finally, after a few more minutes the light turned green. As the girl was crossing the street, all the colors of the cars she saw in her peripheral vision blurred together. Red, gold, white, black, even pink, all blurred to gray. It seemed to her that all she saw was gray. Her walking slowed. What was the point to a dull gray life. Was she the only one who even had a gray life? Or was everybody content.?
Pity that she couldn't see into the minds of others. Cars honking at her brought her back to reality. She put her head down and walked faster. As she continued along her way to her school, more thoughts crossed her mind.
If we did have snow, would it be gray, like everything else here? Or would it be some other strange color? Would people perceive it differently? Or would they all see it as one color?
"White.." she said softly. "Snow is white.." The powdery flakes slowly drifted down as she stared in amazement. The snow wasn't a dirty white, or a murky color. It was a pure soft white. Beautiful, cold, and new. New to something in this dark, murky gray world.

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Oh my god. Oh sweet mother theresa on the hood of a mercedes benz.
+Syoko Kurusu 

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Character Update
Name: Lucia
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Cursed human
Appearance: Lucia's hair has grown back out and is now long again. She hasn't grown and is still 5'6
Her hair is normally pulled back in some sort of intricate bun and her clothes are normally black or purple dresses.
Kingdom: Arrendale
Affiliation: Arrendale
Living relatives: Tex, Astrid
Occupation: Queen
Skills: She's not exceptionally talented at anything however she is decent with hand-to-hand combat, but in recent times she's picked up sewing
Ability: Fire bending manipulation
Crush/ Love: Nier
Personality: Lucia doesn't speak much anymore and tries her best to contain her emotions. She also tries to contain her temper and outbursts
Bio: After her sister's death, Lucia went back to Arrendale and reclaimed the throne, shortly after she met Nier, her bodyguard and love interest. Shortly after Lucia had her official coronation.
After the coronation Lucia began to bond with her younger brother, Tex. However, during this Christo broke his curse and visited Lucia, who treated him rather harshly. Since that incident, Lucia hasn't communicated with other kingdoms and the only interaction between Arrendale and any other kingdoms is if they are trading partners.
Likes: Her dragon, Maria which was a gift from Avanton and Nudge, a saber tooth tiger a gift from her brother.
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