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Easy to post, now to remember it!  My new mantra.
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hai i'am sumith from sri lanka
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When You Set the Table Tonight

Interesting point at 4:20 minute mark about giving to everyone else and leaving ourselves last. If you're setting a table for dinner tonight notice whose plate you put down last. If you're like most people, we put our own plate last. Nicole talks about nature and learning about sustainability of our own energy.

#selflove   #nature  
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Pamela Ziemann

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Self-Care Superstar

As many of you know, when you're getting ready to do something big a lot of mud can hit the fan. It hit me last night as I worked on the upcoming series SAD Diet to Self-care Superstar! All the ways I wasn't caring for myself showed up.

This post says the kindest thing we can do for ourselves in 2015 is to befriend ourselves. I couldn't agree more. Many people are having a hard time transitioning to a healthy, whole-food diet and what I've noticed is that it takes truly loving ourselves. To make ourselves a priority and take the time needed to shop for and prepare fresh food. If you'd like to be notified of the upcoming free mini-series join this group now.
Love the wisdom of Martha Beck from +Oprah Winfrey  Befriending me was never on my agenda... that changes today!
If you're great at pointing out all your mistakes and beating yourself up, do what Martha Beck did: Become your own best friend. If you're great at pointing out all your mistakes and beating yourself up, do what Martha Beck did: Become your own best friend.
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Thanks for the share +Nat Carr 🌹
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SAD Diet to Self-care Superstar!

If you'd like to be part of a free mini-course to ease out 
of the Standard American Diet opt in at or join the
community at

I'll send you notification before it begins on March 10th.

What we eat is having devastating affects on our health.
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Pamela Ziemann

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Watch Processed People

Did you know fast food is as addictive as heroin? Experts in this documentary show us the way out of over-consumption, reliance on mainstream media and junk food.
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Pamela Ziemann

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I'm offering a free mini-series on being a Self-care Superstar in March. Please post questions or comments. What specifically would you like me to cover? Thanks
SAD Diet to Self-care Superstar! 

This event is to answer questions about the upcoming free mini-course March 10, 12, 15 & 16. 

The SAD Diet is known as the Standard American Diet, but also includes all western diets that have left us fat, sick and low in vitality. To me it also includes what we feed ourselves visually, mentally and spiritually. 

Most of us have been raised in a consumer society that teaches us to buy things we don’t need, place work and other peoples’ needs ahead of our own self-care, and eat diets that contribute to lifestyle diseases.

My intention for the mini-course is to expose how we got into this mess and how we can live the second half of our lives with self-dignity, fun and freedom. My intention for this specific event is to answer questions you may have about the content and benefits of this mini-course.+Tamara Belland will be moderating the live hangout.

No need to wait until the show, let’s get the discussion going now… leave your thoughts and questions for Pamela Ziemann here. We'd love to hear from you before, during or after the show.

If you’d like to be notified of the upcoming free mini-course called SAD Diet to Self-care Superstar! join this community.

or sign-up for the free training at
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Pamela Ziemann. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
FAQ About Upcoming SAD Diet to Self-care Superstar! Series
Fri, February 27, 2:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Have her in circles
812 people
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Pamela Ziemann

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Detox Your Body

(To think the man-made stuff on the bottom used to look good to me... Yikes!)

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My pleasure and so happy to hear that about your parents. That is so cool. :)
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Highlights from Eating for Spiritual Health

Time-stamped bits, I think you'll enjoy Will Tuttle's thoughts.

1:55 - 4:50 The importance of metaphysically leaving home
6:12 - 8:00 Why is it so difficult to talk about food choices?
8:20 - 9:20 Waking up from the cultural trance 
9:40 - 12:36 Connecting the dots, keeping children in the dark
14:25-16:04 A we sow, so shall we reap
19:00-20:14 Closet vegan, angry vegan, compassionate vegan stages
21:00-22:46 Feeling alone on the journey, forces working against us
23:36-25:30 People who lack energy on a vegan diet

#WillTuttle   #WorldPeaceDiet   #spirituality   #food  
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Skip for your Bones!

When I made a video daring people to skip, there were people who needed lessons. They'd forgotten!

Dr. Joel Fuhrman encourages exercises for bone health, so when I'm walking my dog I skip. Gets the heart going, weight-bearing and fun!

When is the last time you skipped?

#humpday   #iskip   #skipping  
Need an extra dose of happy? Skipping might be just thing! I mean, just the image in my head of adults skipping down the halls of Corporate America on this fine #humpday makes me giggle.
Skippers of the World Unite!
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Your video was so great!  I like the tip of the apples or pear sprinkled on top of the soup.  Haven't tried that before but it sounds yummy! The skipping dare was AWESOME.  And it made me smile just watching you do it.  :)
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Adding Spirituality to your Meal When Dining Alone

Love the question from +Lon McClure at the 14 minute mark asking Meadow how we infuse spirituality in our meals when multi-tasking or eating alone. 

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Great information thanks 
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Have her in circles
812 people
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Sequim, WA
Simple steps to real food and a vibrant life
Hi! I'm Pamela Ziemann founder of Elemental Cuisine teaching people just like you how to get back to nature by eating real food and nourishing their soul.

The truth is most of us have been so busy working to buy things we don't really need that we sacrifice our spirit along the way. We drive through fast food joints or buy convenient packaged food to fill our stomachs but never really feel nourished. Whether it's feeling we don't have enough time, money or skills, taking ultimate care of ourselves isn't usually the highest priority.

Elemental has a couple meanings. The first one is: characterized by stark simplicity, naturalness, or unrestrained or undisciplined vigor or force. I remember a simpler time when I felt an unrestrained zest for life. Do you remember that too? Nature was a big part of my life when I was a kid. I loved talking to and playing with animals. I enjoyed wide open spaces and singing full-out while riding my horse through the fields.

Little by little I lost my true nature and fell into the trap of eating the SAD (Standard American) Diet. My face lost it's glow, I gained weight and my blood work showed abnormal results. I cared more about my successful career as a real estate appraiser than my true, inner wants and needs.

On the outside I had a perfect life. I moved to Indonesia with my fiancé and my bank account 'proved' that I had value. The thing is, I never really felt valuable. In Bandung you either have a maid or you are a maid. So we hired a maid, a driver, and a gardener to be the proper expatriates. It was exciting at first but I didn't know who I was without the career I left behind. Our relationship fell apart. My journey to find self-love and intrinsic value began.

I flew back to the states searching for meaning. I started taking and teaching a powerful personal development course called Avatar, learning about the importance of how my thoughts create my reality. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world but, for the first time in a long time, I began smiling when I looked in the mirror.  

Even though I was completely freaked out speaking in front of groups, I learned my voice did matter. Through public seminars, I started teaching others around the world to communicate more effectively. With this exciting and hectic lifestyle I found myself eating more convenience food, getting less sleep and focussing on other people needs while forgetting about my own. Teaching others about self-expression was a huge breakthrough for me but something was still missing...

How to feed myself a healthy and sustainable diet.

I enrolled in a Raw Food Culinary School to learn how to nourish myself like I had never done before.

At first it was hard cutting vegetables. It took so much time. Buying organic cost more. But slowly I felt my priorities shift from outer focus to inner focus. Where I once felt money was best saved for a new car or retirement, I knew that quality fuel for my mind, body and spirit was more important. I wanted to feel good in a flexible & fit body.

I found that feeling good attracted a completely different clientele. I created a new world by making myself a priority. My soul was doing cartwheels and I felt like a kid again. 

How I share my learning with others:

Formal Studies/Certifications:

Certified Raw Food Chef and Instructor Certificate from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute
Licensed Avatar Master
Facilitator Training as a Speaking Circles Coach
World Peace Diet Facilitator
Certified Reiki Master
Institute of Responsible Technology with Jeffrey Smith
DTM Toastmasters International
Business Degree Mankato State University

Personal Growth Studies:

The Freedom Technique with Larry Crane
Flying Trapeze as Personal Growth - Omega Institute
Wizard Training - T. Harv Ecker
Emotional Freedom Technique
Mas Sajady
Stuart Wilde

Diet Related Home Study:

Dr. Neal Barnard
Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Brian Clement


Portland Vegfest
Chicago Veganmania
Bellevue College
Port Angeles Community College
Nash's Organics

Other Credentials:

Giving Voice to Your Cause: Speaking Tips for Nonprofit Professionals
Can You Be A Vegan: And Still Have Friends... Over for Dinner

Other Facts about Me:

Therapy Reading Programs for kids with my dog Ruby
Volunteer at Community Supported Agriculture
Lose myself in Drumming Circles 
Relax and let go with Yin Yoga
Get fun exercise for mind and body with Table Tennis
Engaged once, lived with him in Indonesia
Traveled throughout Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Egypt, Costa Rica, Germany, England, Austria, France, Belgium and Italy most all of it as a single traveler. 

Bragging rights
Put all my stuff in a 10' Uhaul and moved out of Seattle to the small town of Sequim. I was lead role in the play Becky's New Car and a singer in the Musical Summer of Love. Now I'm in Tweaking Reality, an Improv troupe. This small town on the Olympic Peninsula is like living in Shangra La, but I still need to get back to Seattle to see my friends and eat at some awesome vegan restaurants.
Certified Raw Food Chef, Inspiring You to Greater Self-Care
Improv, Plant-based Lifestyles & Making Life Simple
    Certified Raw Food Chef & Self-Care Expert, present
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