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Share Your Story: The Most Important Thing You Can Do

Loved every minute of the Port Townsend #InternationalFilmFestival  Listening to Beau Bridges talk about spirituality and the importance of each human sharing their story. The man Beau portrayed was killed in the middle of filming. There's a reason many of us are afraid to speak up and tell the truth. 

I wish I could share the entire interview with you, but bottom line...
Find a way to tell your story in a compelling way, not just for your business but to keep the world from becoming totally mechanized.

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Pamela Ziemann

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The Power of Words: Being Stuck with an Unconscious Vow

  #Powerofwords   #stuck  
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Pamela Ziemann

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Be Your Best, Sell More with Online Video

Video is an excellent way to build trust and let people know you as a human being. Don't let incongruent body language and poor vocal pace get in the way of your next sale.

#online   #video   #selling   #confidence  
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Thanks for the reshare +Rosario garcia castillo !
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Pamela Ziemann

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Foods that Reduce Inflammation and Joint Pain

Join us for a Blab talk Saturday morning (Sept. 5) at 10:30 PST to hear tips on eating food like this to reduce inflammation and joint pain.

#inflammation   #joint   #pain   #stiffness   #sore  
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+Rosario garcia castillo Thanks for the reshare! On day 8 now of the cleanse. It really does make a big difference in how my body feels. How are you doing?
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Pamela Ziemann

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Make a Difference in the World

Looks like a great upcoming show this Friday. See you there!

Ready to get inspired to make a bigger difference in the world?
If so, tune into the Difference Makers Summit Part 4!  
Register NOW for bonus gifts at:
Check the schedule at:  (Links to Bonuses!) 

Don't miss Virginia Parsons, the Hangout Mentor, as she reveals the inside scoop on the “Who, What, Why, Where and When” of using Hangouts on Air, and other new livestream media to brand, grow and market your business. 

Virginia will also share her top Promotion Strategies, so that you gain the reputation and the expert authority you deserve.  

Discover why the benefits of mastering WEB Streaming Technology far outweigh the challenges.  

Here’s what you’ll learn:
   *Why Live Web Streaming is the hottest new trend to grow your business*
   *Top ways to use Hangouts on Air, Blab and Periscope for brand recognition*
   *How to use Live Streaming to reach your ideal audience*
   *Benefits of using Streaming Technology vs. basic video*
   *Top Promotion Strategies to SHINE as the “Go-to-Expert” in your niche*

About Virginia Parsons -- The Executive Producer/Host of the weekly WebTV Show, “The Inspirational Business Women Show,” that provides tips, strategies and advice to grow your business.  
   Virginia helps entrepreneurs step out of their shadow and SHINE  as the experts in their field.  (
   Founder of Hangout Marketing University, Virginia provides beginner to advanced training and certification in Hangout Marketing & Technology, Hangout Show Production, Social Influence and Monetization Strategies. She  teaches proven hangout marketing strategies to help YOU reach new heights of visibility, social influence and success.  

Virginia's Bonus Gifts:  
(1) FREE COPY of Hangout Marketing Checklist 
(2) Complimentary Copy of her eBook:  5 Top Strategies to Make Money with Hangouts on Air
(3) ADDED BONUS  - For those who purchase the recorded series.
Hangout Mentor SHINE Session to develop your Hangout & Live Stream Marketing Blueprint.  

About Lynn Sanders -- The Story Marketing Coach, and Host/Producer, “The Difference Makers Summit” and “The Difference Makers,” a WebTV program that inspires, empowers and motivates heart-based entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders to greater success through compelling stories and strategies.
    Lynn offers strategic attraction coaching, writing, media and marketing to bring stories to life and achieve results.  

About Roland Takaoka - Founder/President of R and D Hotline, and Host/Producer of “The Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties Show.”   Roland is a wizard at marketing and website development.  Have a question?  Call the Hotline!
Bonuses for registered attendees.... (Join at:
1.  *Wordpress Website Coaching & Development* - FREE Five
applicants will receive 12 weeks of instruction and coaching in creating their own Wordpress Website.  You must fill out an application and describe why this bonus gift would be valuable for you.  (Value:  $595/each)

2.  *Website Site Audit Giveaway* – By William Rock & Molly Youngblood Geiger ($500 Value) 

3.  Summary and ebook:  Five Keys To Accelerated Business Success - by V. Lynn Hawkins.  (Value: Priceless)

4.  Almost Free - $1.00/30-day membership in V. Lynn's course, "The Conscious Entrepreneur Enterprise Program.

5.  Free access to "Excellent Decisions" MindPT Program (MindPT will be featured on Oprah in a few weeks.)  (Value:  $47)

6.  Surprise gifts coming up... AND extras for those who purchase the 7-part series...  See: 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Lynn Sanders. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Reach New Heights Of Success: Hangout & Livestream Promo Strategies
Tomorrow, October 9, 1:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Pamela Ziemann

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How to Speak Well on Live Video
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Pamela Ziemann

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Giving Voice to Your Cause

#public speaking
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Pamela Ziemann

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End joint pain, get flexible Mastermind starting Sept.23rd.

Register at

#arthritis   #joint   #pain   #sore   #plantbased  
You are the Average of the 5 people you Spend Time With

This Jim Rohn quote reminds me of the power of mastermind groups. When we get together with people who are determined to achieve their goals and also support us, our chances of success are greatly increased.

Environment is stronger than will. The reason I was successful in changing to a plant-based lifestyle is because I had an accountability partner. I've known many people who slipped back into their old ways because they didn't have support. That's a bummer, because we have a tendency to feel worse about ourselves than if we hadn't even tried.

I'm putting together a mastermind for people who want a life of self-dignity, fun and freedom. It's coming out in March. Leave a note if you'd like to be notified. 

#mastermind   #plantbased   #fun   #freedom   #dignity  
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Pamela Ziemann

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Arthritis, stiffness, and sore joints can be eased naturally

You can imagine how surprised I was when my high school boyfriend contacted me. 

We were 17 and now at 57, his name pops up on my computer screen. An official OMG moment!

We skyped… we emailed… every day. 

A couple months later he flew 1600 miles to see me.

Not to get into the steamy details, but it was… just like high school.

Except for one thing…

Grace and ease getting up off the floor.

Stiffness and sore joints creep up on us, usually slowly. 

I was happy to still be able to slightly resemble our high school days 40 years later.

I flew to see him a couple months later just finishing a 10 day cleanse of power shakes and raw food.

Skipping up and down his stairs from the basement movie room to the sexy second floor master bedroom, I was feeling great. 


After too many fancy restaurant dinners, I noticed it.

My hand on the railing.

It was like slow motion.

After skipping up and down the stairs for so many days, I stopped skipping.

The steps were now one at a time and my hand actually gripped the stair railing.

That defining moment let me know without a doubt that food plays a role in how we feel.

Food can fuel us up or f*ck us up! 

There’s tons of scientific research revealing a mostly plant-based diet reduces inflammation.

So let me ask you this…

Are you the kind of person who wants to feel amazing, fit and sexy in your body?

Or are you someone like I talked with last night, who, flat-out said, “I know there’s research, but I’m not giving up tempting foods even if I know they cause inflammation.”

We can slow aging and stay flexible. But unless we get out of the convenient food trap we’ll continue to be it’s slave.

And the thing is… once inflammation has gotten out of hand it can be irreversible and contribute to heart disease, cancer and a whole host of other lifestyle diseases.

Living in our mainstream, it’s so easy to become complacent and think stiffness in our 40s, 50s and 60s is normal.

Well, let me tell you, my proactive friend, it’s not!

And we can do something about it.

It takes support and that’s why I’ve set up a mastermind event for a few, select people.

Are you one who’d rather roll around on the floor with their grandkids (or a hot date) than succumb to premature aging?

I’d love to have you join our Fall Equinox Mastermind Group starting September 23rd.

Click here for more details and to register.

Limit 8. Closes September 10th

#arthritis   #joints   #inflammation   #naturalremedies  
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Pamela Ziemann

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Anti-Arthritis, Anti-Inflammantion Lifestyle Mastermind

Be part of a supportive group, end joint pain and feel happy in your body again.

The next mastermind starts September 23rd. Would love to have you join us!

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  • Mankato State University
    Business Administration, 1976 - 1980
Basic Information
Creativity and Confidence Catalyst

Hi, I’m Pamela Ziemann, Thanks for stopping by!   

I help solopreneurs develop confidence and creativity from the inside out – and then boldly express their unique message to the world, so they can have the impact (and success) they desire.    

Boldly expressing our unique message isn't something that comes easy for most heart-centered entrepreneurs. But it's the very thing we need to do to succeed. 

If this girl, who rarely spoke as a child, can learn how to do it, I know you can too.

I observed life around me and tried to make sense of it. I tried to fit in. The church, politics, school, the whole midwestern, protestant work-ethic scene.  

One day in my early 20s I put what I could in my little Toyota truck and moved 1600 miles from my home. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but it felt like a step in the right direction. 

There was a certain amount of independence in my job as a real estate appraiser – but placing values on homes all day while reading metaphysical books at night was like having one foot in the old world and one in the new. I wanted what these authors wrote about… complete freedom.

So, in my 30s, I left my appraisal life behind to travel throughout Asia and Europe. Gave my house key to a renter and sent my dog to live with my parents. (Leaving him at the airport was the hardest part) 

Every page of my passport was stamped, but something was still missing. (Sure, you might think I found a guy who solved everything, but that’s not what happened.)

My life-changing moment came in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store. 

You’ve seen those brightly colored packages of frozen meals in a box? I bought them for years and believed the marketing health claims. I wasn’t super fat, but I wasn’t skinny anymore either. One day when I was about to toss a ‘Healthy Choice’ meal into my cart, I realized that these profit-driven corporations didn’t care about me at all. They cared about their bottom line. I’d been duped. Like so many people, I had fallen into the mindless consumerism trap. That was embarrassing for a self-proclaimed, free-thinker like me.

I was determined to stop relying on others and get back in touch with my own creative genius.  

There were times, here and there, when I felt completely connected to my inner wisdom. Like at a drumming circle. I knew exactly what to do as long as I stayed in my own rhythm. That feeling became my new benchmark. I wanted to feel like this all the time.

Another area of struggle for me was public speaking. It took me years to get up the nerve to speak to groups. When it was my turn, I was so scared I could hardly formulate a thought and speak at the same time. I had to memorize each line to get through it. But one day, at a National Speaker’s Convention, I learned a different way. The facilitator told us we each had a minute to speak or not speak, whatever moved us in the moment. No pressure. 

I decided ahead of time that when it was my turn I would simply be silent and enjoy the connection with others. A funny thing happened though. About 20 seconds into my minute, I intuitively felt like saying something to the woman across from me. It was unexpected. Words emerged from my heart, not my head. I wasn’t trying to figure anything out. People listened and I felt happy.

It was like taking off heavy armour and feeling surprisingly more powerful without it.  

It expanded to other areas of my life. I started wearing organic clothes because they felt better on my skin. I switched from a diet that benefited the large, industrial food systems to one that made me feel light, flexible and energized. I spoke my truth. I understood what I had read so many decades before in M. Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Travelled.  Transcend traditional culture. These were no longer just words on a page. It was a way of life. 

If you resonate with my story and would like to learn to develop the kind of ‘inside out’ confidence that just naturally attracts ideal customers, great relationships, and financial abundance – then check out my offerings or sign-up for a discovery session at

In addition to being a personal catalyst for others, I also share my learning by:

Formal Studies/Certifications:

Facilitator Training as a Speaking Circles Coach
Certified Raw Food Chef and Instructor Certificate from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute
Licensed Avatar Master
World Peace Diet Facilitator
Certified Reiki Master
Institute of Responsible Technology with Jeffrey Smith
DTM Toastmasters International
Business Degree Mankato State University

Personal Growth Studies:

Improvisation Skills, WingIt Productions and Freehold Theater
The Freedom Technique with Larry Crane
Flying Trapeze as Personal Growth - Omega Institute
Wizard Training - T. Harv Ecker
Emotional Freedom Technique
Voice & Solo Performance - Freehold Theater
Mas Sajady
Stuart Wilde

Diet Related Home Study:

Dr. Neal Barnard
Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Brian Clement


Skillpath, Workshop Presenter in USA, Canada & Australia
Topics: Communication Skills, Creativity, Confidence
Chicago Veganmania
Portland Vegfest
Bellevue College
Port Angeles Community College
Nash's Organics

Other Credentials:

Giving Voice to Your Cause: Speaking Tips for Nonprofit Professionals
Can You Be A Vegan: And Still Have Friends... Over for Dinner
Speak in the Now: Change Your Talk, Change Your Life CD
Speaking with Clarity, Confidence and Conviction

Other Facts about Me:

Therapy Reading Programs for kids with my dog Ruby
Volunteer at Community Supported Agriculture
Lose myself in Drumming Circles 
Relax and let go with Yin Yoga
Table Tennis (Yes, I even have trophies from USATT)
Engaged once, lived with him in Indonesia
Traveled throughout Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Egypt, Costa Rica, Germany, England, Austria, France, Belgium and Italy most all of it as a single traveler. 

Bragging rights
Put all my stuff in a 10' Uhaul and moved out of Seattle to the small town of Sequim. I was lead role in the play Becky's New Car and a singer in the Musical Summer of Love. Now I'm in Tweaking Reality, an Improv troupe. This small town on the Olympic Peninsula is like living in Shangra La, but I still need to get back to Seattle every couple months to visit friends, the Mac Store and a variety of restaurants.
Creativity and Confidence Catalyst
Improv, Workshop Leader, Plant-based Lifestyles
    Creativity & Confidence Catalyst, present
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