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Pamela Ziemann
Creativity and Confidence Catalyst
Creativity and Confidence Catalyst

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Selected for New York United Solo
I'm happy to say my one-woman show If I Were Me... I'd Know What I Want was selected for the solo theatre festival! Anyone who has ever felt invisible will relate to this show. #Theater   #SoloPerformance   #NewYork  

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Seattle Fringe Festival Love Letter #Theater #SoloPerformance

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Communicating in emotionally charged situations

Just came across this video from 2+ years ago. Taking my own advice : )

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The Most Fun I've Ever Had in Business

For years I was a communication skills trainer. Had enjoyable moments, but nothing like acting out 10 different characters in my One-Woman Show. I've learned so much about relating to others and understanding their backstory. Join me for an enlightening night of live theater. #Seattle #theater #confidence #self-development #fringefestival #organic

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I'd love your help in choosing a title for my one-woman show. Which of these titles intrigues you the most? I'll be performing at the Seattle Fringe Festival in March. Any comments are welcome, but if you just have time for a quick vote I appreciate that too, THANK YOU!
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Dairy Tails, Fairy Tales & Scary Males
If I Were Me... I'd Know What I Want
Alice Cooper vs. The Dairy Princess

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Find Your Best Voice!
Gail Larsen, Founder of Transformational Speaking– With the election over, I’m seeing how essential it is for those of us who are reeling and overwhelmed to find our direction and our voices. We are in a time of shocking transformation. With much of life as we’ve known it in chaos and uncertainty, it is easy to become numb and remain stuck in an old paradigm of right/wrong, win/lose. The new story that is pushing to emerge cannot be for the benefit of a few but for the good of all life.

I have gathered five of my favorite Holy Fools to begin a new conversation and support each of us in using our voices to activate a new story. We are all here at this time for a reason that is written deep within our souls. If each of us will claim the strand of the web that is ours to tend and to mend, we can individually and collectively begin a new conversation. Let’s join together to listen, learn, and live our way into the new story that is calling for our greatness.

Susan Hyatt
MaryAnne Howland
Amy Jo Martin
The Honourable Zoe Tryon
Suzy Batiz

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