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Are you following your intuition?

Here's to the end of being pushed! Thanks for the post +Christopher Pearsall 
The Power of Vision
Think Outside The Box

Vision itself is Amazing.  

I’m no medical professional.  So let me try to describe the way I understand the eye.  They are these incredible round balls sitting in holes in our skull.  They are quite amazing actually.  They  collect the surrounding light, filter it and then focus it, turn it into electrical signals and transmit those signals via electronic impulses that travel along our optical and neural pathways to our brain at a faster speed than we can ever comprehend so that images are formed in our brain.  Yet our eyes and our brain change at hyper speed so that we see changes in color, lighting, etc… all of which appear to be in front or to the side of us by processing depth and dimension.  Wow… and that’s just too egg shaped things in our heads that work with our noses to make glasses useful or made it easier for Contact manufacturers to make extra money.  LOL

What’s really interesting is that if the area between our eyes and what we are viewing is clearer, we have greater vision… and longer visibility.

Now imagine if your vision is not limited by time.  Let’s say your eyes could literally see a year into the future and what is going to happen.  Your vision would be clearer.  You could predict what to do in certain instances to achieve a desired outcome because you have greater visibility or rather better vision than others.  

What if I told you that you have something similar to that?  A pipe dream?  Hardly!  The Power of Vision is not hidden.  Frankly, it’s just not tapped into.  You can easily have it.  If you just retreat into a world were things are comfortable and you don’t want to rock the boat because you’re “okay” where you are ... then this power lies dormant in you.  Complacency takes place and your Power of Vision gets stuck in the back of a closet.  Why?  Because it involves something beyond comfort! 

Your Power of Vision is activated when you want to look ahead.  It takes activating your ingenuity, your creativity, and your imagination to see something in the future that has yet to come into fruition.  You can make it as real as if it existed NOW because you seek to create something "outside the box” that others haven’t thought of.  You merely take your vision and you materialize it into reality. 

Walt Disney did just that with his vision of Disney World after numerous bankruptcies.  He did so by his tremendous vision… powerful imagination and the force of his own will!   It first became real in his mind’s eye… his VISION!

If you’ve ever tried to think up a new and innovative idea for a product, service or a business that hasn’t been developed yet then you have tapped into your Power of Vision! 

Sometimes it’s not so easy to tap into it though.  It takes dreaming again.  It takes activating your imagination beyond the scope of what exists now and innovate from there.  Imagination and creativity is the electricity that powers the Vision that allows your creativity for the future.  The new term for it is to “think outside the box” and not simply think of what we know now.

The Power of Vision.

Your Power of Vision is the ability to activate your creativity and imagination to not only think outside the box but also bring to life ideas that once only existed in your mind by the power of your own sheer will. 

Visionaries not only grasp this power and harness it but they see new innovations and think of ways to expand them further. 

Hangouts on Air, for instance are a fantastic new and growing innovation.  Visionaries and fantastic entrepreneurs such as , +Ronnie Bincer +Ande Lyons +Mia Voss +Lisa Engles +Carrie Roldan +Adelheid Hörnlein +Pamela Ziemann and +martin shervington  to name only a view, have grasped this vision in their own different ways to take this innovative vision to the next step with their own vision creativity of what can be done with it.

You have the Power of Vision!  It is TREMENDOUS!  Henry Ford had it.  And Benjamin Franklin.  And the NASA engineers with the first space flight.   Flying Drones!  Digital Cameras and underwater cameras.  Apps!  Cellular phones!  Advancement is virtually always accomplished not by accident but by VISION!

Open the Floodgates!

 What do you want in your life?  A better relationship?  A better income?  To work for yourself?  To create a better marketing system?  To create a more economical car?  Look beyond what we have now and what your eyes can see.  Do not be stopped by the negativity of the world and the "nay sayers" who would rather let their Power of Vision sit on a shelf.  See into the future and believe what you can create… then think outside the box and keep trying until you do it.

Become a Visionary! 

Make your own mark in history, big or small, to better the world or part of the world or even your own situation.  See as narrowly as far and wide as you like or as large as you can fathom.  Visionaries surface by the thousands everyday and there is plenty of room for more.

Are You Facing Challenges?

 Start thinking outside the box…. let your creativity and imagination run wild and stretch their legs if they haven’t in a while and then when you are ready and feel excited about a few ideas for the future, then use some focus to imagine your way beyond your current challenges.  Let your imagination fly beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary and you’ll soon find the challenges will be left in your past as your vision moves even further into a blossoming future.

See your Future Better than it is!  See the Best for Yourself!  Imagine it Coming Into Being!  Think Outside the Box to find ideas to bring to life! 

*Then make it happen!    No one can stop you but YOU! *

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Pamela Ziemann

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Have your own Hangout On Air?

Tomorrow, March 31st is Session 4 of +Lisa Engles free program teaching you how to host your own show on G+. I went through her program last October and will talk about my results on her show tomorrow.

Check out the link below for more details. If you have questions for someone who's actually taken the training, I'm happy to share my experience with you. (Just leave a comment) The replays are available in the community. If you decide to sign-up for her more in depth training, let her know I recommended her!
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Pamela Ziemann

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Super Simple, Hearty and Beautiful!

Farro is a hearty grain perfect for a delicious winter salad that could also become an all-year-round favorite. The farro will absorb the color from the beets, making this salad beautiful to the eye! Super quick & easy to whip up for that last-minute party dish. Thanks 'The Forest Feast' for this delicious recipe!

#foodmatters   #youarewhatyoueat   #recipes   #farro   #beet   #healthymeals  
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Make Your Own Coconut Milk

If you've ever wondered how to open a young thai coconut, have fresh, unpasteurized coconut water (so much better than the canned stuff) and use the meat for thai dishes or yummy desserts, watch this video. I use a #soyabella in the demo, but you could also use a high-speed blender and strain it in a nut milk bag.

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Pamela Ziemann

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Thanks for the Inspiration George Carlin!

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Idea information to learn 
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Let's Get off the Hamster Wheel!

#selflove   #selfcare  
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Remember Celestine Prophecy?

I read this book twenty years ago and getting more insights about how those pesky control dramas affect our lives. To get into the flow, we must tap into the Divine Energy via self-love and listening to our intuition. If you had to pick one category mentioned in this article that is holding you back, which do you think it would be?

#celestineprophecy   #selflove  
A flow of Divine Energy awaits each and every one of us. How do we find this flow? Set a prayer intention for it. Believe that your expectations matter. It is your birthright to obtain this remarkable Connection. Practice being grateful in advance. Walk around in sacred, beautiful places. The light will come down. The energy of Divine Love will begin to flow into you, and you will feel true spirituality.
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Thanks for the share +MyMetaWorld and the reminder to catch the replay of their conversation listed in the post.
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How my Intuition inspired me to Move and the Benefits of Following Your Heart

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Love this Idea!
Turn out your lights for one hour on Saturday, March 28 at 8:30 pm (in your local time zone) for Earth Hour. Started by WWF in 2007, Earth Hour is now a global movement on environment, available in over 162 countries in an effort to work toward a new global agreement to tackle climate change. 

Learn more here:

#EarthHour   #WWF   #ClimateChange  
Started by WWF in 2007, Earth Hour is now a global movement on environment, available in over 162
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Thanks for the share +Flora Rin 
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5 Ways to Reduce Stress in 5 Minutes

For ideas on #Self-careSaturday
Let me know how they worked for you and if you have other simple ideas to reduce #stress

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Deep, slow breathing will alkalize the body.

#selfcare   #selflove  
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+Pamela Ziemann  Yessiree, PZ... only Graham had that Moody Edge :)  Thank you for the kind words.
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My Other Office

Not a luxury, but a necessity! A calm mind allows me to get insights I'm not expecting. This place is a half hour from my home. I'm driving back feeling renewed for an upcoming project.


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So pretty 
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Sequim, WA
Simple steps to real food and a vibrant life
Hi! I'm Pamela Ziemann founder of Elemental Cuisine teaching people just like you how to get back to nature by eating real food and nourishing their soul.

The truth is most of us have been so busy working to buy things we don't really need that we sacrifice our spirit along the way. We drive through fast food joints or buy convenient packaged food to fill our stomachs but never really feel nourished. Whether it's feeling we don't have enough time, money or skills, taking ultimate care of ourselves isn't usually the highest priority.

Elemental has a couple meanings. The first one is: characterized by stark simplicity, naturalness, or unrestrained or undisciplined vigor or force. I remember a simpler time when I felt an unrestrained zest for life. Do you remember that too? Nature was a big part of my life when I was a kid. I loved talking to and playing with animals. I enjoyed wide open spaces and singing full-out while riding my horse through the fields.

Little by little I lost my true nature and fell into the trap of eating the SAD (Standard American) Diet. My face lost it's glow, I gained weight and my blood work showed abnormal results. I cared more about my successful career as a real estate appraiser than my true, inner wants and needs.

On the outside I had a perfect life. I moved to Indonesia with my fiancé and my bank account 'proved' that I had value. The thing is, I never really felt valuable. In Bandung you either have a maid or you are a maid. So we hired a maid, a driver, and a gardener to be the proper expatriates. It was exciting at first but I didn't know who I was without the career I left behind. Our relationship fell apart. My journey to find self-love and intrinsic value began.

I flew back to the states searching for meaning. I started taking and teaching a powerful personal development course called Avatar, learning about the importance of how my thoughts create my reality. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world but, for the first time in a long time, I began smiling when I looked in the mirror.  

Even though I was completely freaked out speaking in front of groups, I learned my voice did matter. Through public seminars, I started teaching others around the world to communicate more effectively. With this exciting and hectic lifestyle I found myself eating more convenience food, getting less sleep and focussing on other people needs while forgetting about my own. Teaching others about self-expression was a huge breakthrough for me but something was still missing...

How to feed myself a healthy and sustainable diet.

I enrolled in a Raw Food Culinary School to learn how to nourish myself like I had never done before.

At first it was hard cutting vegetables. It took so much time. Buying organic cost more. But slowly I felt my priorities shift from outer focus to inner focus. Where I once felt money was best saved for a new car or retirement, I knew that quality fuel for my mind, body and spirit was more important. I wanted to feel good in a flexible & fit body.

I found that feeling good attracted a completely different clientele. I created a new world by making myself a priority. My soul was doing cartwheels and I felt like a kid again. 

How I share my learning with others:

Formal Studies/Certifications:

Certified Raw Food Chef and Instructor Certificate from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute
Licensed Avatar Master
Facilitator Training as a Speaking Circles Coach
World Peace Diet Facilitator
Certified Reiki Master
Institute of Responsible Technology with Jeffrey Smith
DTM Toastmasters International
Business Degree Mankato State University

Personal Growth Studies:

The Freedom Technique with Larry Crane
Flying Trapeze as Personal Growth - Omega Institute
Wizard Training - T. Harv Ecker
Emotional Freedom Technique
Mas Sajady
Stuart Wilde

Diet Related Home Study:

Dr. Neal Barnard
Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Brian Clement


Portland Vegfest
Chicago Veganmania
Bellevue College
Port Angeles Community College
Nash's Organics

Other Credentials:

Giving Voice to Your Cause: Speaking Tips for Nonprofit Professionals
Can You Be A Vegan: And Still Have Friends... Over for Dinner

Other Facts about Me:

Therapy Reading Programs for kids with my dog Ruby
Volunteer at Community Supported Agriculture
Lose myself in Drumming Circles 
Relax and let go with Yin Yoga
Get fun exercise for mind and body with Table Tennis
Engaged once, lived with him in Indonesia
Traveled throughout Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Egypt, Costa Rica, Germany, England, Austria, France, Belgium and Italy most all of it as a single traveler. 

Bragging rights
Put all my stuff in a 10' Uhaul and moved out of Seattle to the small town of Sequim. I was lead role in the play Becky's New Car and a singer in the Musical Summer of Love. Now I'm in Tweaking Reality, an Improv troupe. This small town on the Olympic Peninsula is like living in Shangra La, but I still need to get back to Seattle to see my friends and eat at some awesome vegan restaurants.
Certified Raw Food Chef, Inspiring You to Greater Self-Care
Improv, Plant-based Lifestyles & Making Life Simple
    Certified Raw Food Chef & Self-Care Expert, present
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