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Battlefield 4 Review - Horrendous launch but easily the best Battlefield.
By Sam Coles: The Battlefield franchise is one of my favourite set of
first person shooters just below Call of Duty, with huge and expansive maps for
loud and chaotic battles coupled with beautiful visuals and ear-gasmic sound
design. Battlefield 4 was orig...

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Star Wars Battlefront II (PS2) Review - It has aged a fair bit.
By Sam Coles: With the recent announcement of Star Wars Battlefront II
from EA games and DICE I thought I would look back on the original Battlefront
II that was released all the way back in 2005 on the PS2, Xbox and PC. People
have said that this game is s...

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Victor Vran Review - Something for Diablo fans.
By Sam Coles: Dungeon crawlers are a genre that I can get lost in for
hours upon hours, there is that “just five more minutes” mentality about them
then you look at the clock and 4 hours have past. Diablo is probably the most
dominant dungeon crawler in the...

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Metal Gear Rising Revengence Review - One of Platinum's best.
By Sam Coles: The Metal Gear series has always been known for its bizarre
narratives with serious war stories with quirky moments that disarm you for the
emotional moments, coupled with great stealth gameplay. Metal Gear Rising was a
different take on the s...

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Splinter Cell Blacklist Review - A return to form.
By Sam Coles: Splinter Cell is easily one of my favourite stealth games
from the last two generations of gaming however the series had a bit of a hiccup
with the release of Conviction and threw all the features that made the series
unique out the window. Co...

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Shadow Warrior 2 Review - Diablo with guns!
By Sam Coles: Over the years the old school first person shooter has made resurgence
with titles such as Bulletstorm kicking it off, and then we got Wolfenstein The
New Order and Doom. One game that didn’t get too much attention was the reboot
of the Shadow...

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Watch Dogs Review - Not as bad as people make it out to be.
By Sam Coles: The original Watch Dogs is a game that garnered a lot of
controversy due to the fact that Ubisoft lied about the presentation all the
way back in 2012 when they announced the game at E3. They continued to show us
gameplay it look more and more...

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review - An uninspired mess.
By Sam Coles: Sniper Ghost Warrior is a series I wonder why it keeps
getting a budget for a sequel not that they’re necessarily bad games but they
tend to be underwhelming. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 was announced almost out of nowhere
last year and it looked g...

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Saint's Row 2 Review - Bonkers GTA knock off!
By Sam Coles: If I say Saint’s Row these days you would associate it with
bonkers off the wall humour where you can fly through the air and super punch
someone across the map. However during its humble beginning it was nothing more
than a Grand Theft Auto c...

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Two Worlds Review - My guilty pleasure.
By Sam Coles: There was once a time on consoles where the Tolkien style
RPG were far and few and only two major contenders were on the market one of
them being one of my favourite games of all time The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
and a year later Two Worlds....
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