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zoOm wishes Shilpa Shetty a very Happy Birthday, may god bless her. To wish her a zoOmbastic birthday, press LIKE.
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wish you a very happy birthday...........
happy birthday. Fan of her yoga video
happy b'day dear.............
Very Happy Birthday to the precious bollywood beauty.. :)
shelpa happy birthday frome me
many many happy returns of the day.........
many many happy returns of the day happy birthday
happy b'day whats your age
cause we all feel like givin b'day bums
many many happy returns of the day <3
happy b'day my dear super star shilpa shetty
no doubt she is so lucky as she got so nice and so caring and loving husband and  got a baby boy good wishes to all of  her family   
 very Happy Birthday Shilpa Shetty madam
hello rashika plz add me and come you online
Congratz! Happy bday nd Wish ur little prince long life filled with lots of happiness!!May he smile each single day n make his parents proud :-)
λ νεειιι νεειιι λρΡρριιεε βυrfDαγ __^.^ Μαγ
gαωd βlεχΧχ υh ωιδ θll hαρΡριεηεζζ ιη γθυr
lγf .... ... ^.^ ... ταΚε ςαΓε.... :)) + shilpa shetty
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A Very Happy B'day.... to you, dear... Shilpa....
janam din pe kya topha sahiya derling
many many happy returns of the day shilpa
kali billi gori ho gai.........isse kya pata kaise ho gai!!!!
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