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Perfectionist Aamir Khan is celebrating his birthday today, let's wish him a very HAPPY PERFECT BIRTHDAY!
Press '+1' and leave your comments to give him your birthday wishes.
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If you start lying about your age, you can invite us more often to celebrate your
Birthday. Not just once in a year.
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to Mr. Perfectionist of Indian Cinema...........
Tohfaa qubool ho! (Hey just a birthday wish as a gift I mean :P) ... Happy Birthday Aamir bro! May God Bestow Upon You ALL The Success And Happiness You Deserve for years to come!
Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day.......MR Perfect...
wish u a very very happy birthday Amir & god bless you........
hello frnds m new here so can u plz add me in ur circle....
manny-2 happy return of the day
wish you many many happy returns of the day.may ur's every day as the day of holi and every night as the night of Diwalee."Every paper note is made of same paper but has different value."
wishing a very very very happy b'day
awwwwwwwwwwwh... a very happy b'day aamir..!
You are the best... Happy Birthday!!!
wishing u a very happy birthday
many many happy returns of the day ...
so cute.......................
wishing you a happy birth day Mr. Perfect
abhi t
Wish u a very happy birtthday...
live long................................
Damn that guy is sexy. Looks like I'm back to the drawing board. Hard to compete with that crap.

Of course, that perfectionist business, gonna regret that when you get the nosehairs and earhairs going in full force. And Mr Khan was never heard from again...well, unless he uses tweezers, then we'll hear it.
hapi birth dy to amirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
A very very Happy Birthday Aamir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) may you always smile and spread happiness!!!!!
Happy birth day aamir bahi!!!!!!!!!
happy birthday aamirr. i like your movie so much
Many happy returns of the day so that we can see more good movies of him......Happy birthday
happy birthday i say some line to u all is wall , all is wall . i like ur movie 3 ideots
Nice hair, bro. No really. Nice hair.
The highly telented actor of bollywood..........the great mr.Amir khan
Wish you a very happy birthday......god bless
many many happy returns of the day..... amir
A very-very happy b'day aamir sir
happy birhday yaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
hey...a very happy birthday amir...
haapy bday aamir...luv u.u r jst awesome sar
Ba Zan
Where's the party??
wish u happy b'day AKhan.................................
Happi bday big man,ma prayers is tu grant blessings nd may yu live_long
hi beauty cutey happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many Happy Returns Of The Day Aamir!! Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday and Wish you do more good films and entertain us.
Congratulation! Your Happy Birthday.Many Many happy return of days.
Hpy b'day to u ...Ak
happy birthday amir all is wwwweeeeeellllllll ho ho ho
Happy Birthday, man!!. Really a man ,eager to show the belongingness to the general human behaviour. Wish you many returns of the day.
happy birthday to Amir Khan. May God bless you & family...
happy b'day Amir Khan....
Wish a Very Happy Birthday Amir..................
many more happy returns of the day........
Today is also 1 of the renowned scientist's B.Day. Guess Who?
u remember your birthday shot term memory
never heard of you... but happy b'day i guess
wish u avery haapy birthday my my my super hero
happy birthday to u amir but still today is my birthday also
"press "like""? good example of someone just posting the same here as it obviously a FB post. +1?
Happy birthday Perfectionist. May there be many more of you in this universe.
All is well! and all is great! Happy Birthday Mr Khan (a.k.a. Rancho)!
Happy Born Day Bhai and many more years to come .I hope you gonna have a nice one
singu A
Happy birthday hero!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Aamir Mr perfectionist .
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday To You! :))) greetings from PHILIPPINES.
N.R Das
happy birthday
happy birthday to u......................
hi amir on be half of mizan&taju auspicious birth date to u.
happy an a sparkling b'day and wishing long entertaining life........
Many Happy returns of the day :)
Happy Birthday, Aamir
जन्मदिन मुबारक हो, आमिर
a very happy birthday mr. aamir khan! wish you all the best for the day!
Dear Amir, wish you a happy BD.
Request on your BD , please , please make film on business tycoon who struggle hard to reach at high point. it inspire young and start up entrepreneur in growing india.
love and regards,
Happy Birthday Aamir Sir..
Suma Chatterjee .... 14th March, 2012, Wednesday - - - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU , Aamir Khan !!!!! Zoom TV has requested to wish you, and, suddenly I saw it appearing on screen. Since, it's a vital day for you, I had to obey ZOOM TV. Don't mind, I am well known for my utter apathy towards "Filmstar-Model Community" , who present INDIA as a cheap NATION, having no Civizational background. So, henceforth, if you find any such Report from my part, you maintain ignorance, OKAY ? I am there to spread knowledge, and, I will continue to do so, that's all.
Happy birthday Aamir :) I wish you all the happiness in life.
Happy Birthdyay Sir. I m a big fan of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Google plus, stop puting these posts of people I don't know on my page!

Happy B'day of no words but great Actions.
wish u a many many happy returns of d day..........god bless u...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 someone who's 4ever young!!!
Tumhari Umar Sabse Lambi Ho
Khuda Ko Kabhi Tumhari Jaroorat Ho
Ho Bhi To Mere Baad Ho
Mere Dost Humesha Tum Muskarate Raho
Zindagee Ke Har Saal Yunhi Jete Raho…
Happy birthday to u aamir 
I don't give a shit get this shit off my page what r you fuckin facebook????
Happy birthday to u
Many many happy returns of the day Amir. I wish that I will see you in many movies and its a big fun for all fans like me.
Happy birthday amir live 100 yeas
Wishin u a very happy birthday Aamir
wish u a very happy return of the day...........
many many happy returns of the day....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tum jiuo hajro sal ya mari ha arju happy birthday amer khan
Happy Birthday.........................
Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day
happy birthday to u...................:)
Silpa D
Many More Happy Returns Of the Day
happy birthday 2 u,,,what do have for grabs?
as a scottish born pakistani, now living in australia (yeah, figure it out), i just wanna say, thanks.

Thanks for all the great movies you've starred in, thanks for all the great movies your production company has made, and thanks for promoting independent cinema.

oh, and Happy Birthday!
WISH U MANY MANY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U.........................
What is perfect day I wish you a happy birthday
we wish u a many2 happie birthday------------"alll ezz well"
what is perfect day I wish u a happy birthday.........
its my birthday also :))) but i am not perfectionist.... i am just
many happy returns of the day.......Mr Aamir Khan
Happy Birthdat aamir!:) Im really a big fan of your movies hope to see you
Happy Birth Day,,,mR...PeRfecTionisT...
dip ran
happy birthday 2u....................................................
Not on G+ too, we have enough of them, on the televisions, the morning and evening news papers, on hoardings everywhere, spare this space.
Zay Ya
happy birthday to Aamir khan!
Wish you a very very Happy Birthday!!!
Happy birthday
And many many happy returns 
And Happy birth day Aamir
...Happy Belated Birthday to the perfectionist of Bollywood :)
hey Aamir khan isn't that the dude from backyard baseball
Happy b day sir,wish u many more yrs to come.
С очень идеальным днем рождения!
Happy Birthday Gajani....(Aamir.....
Many Happy Returns of the DAY dear Aamir bhai
ai ioio
Happy Birthday (^_^)
AA Amir aa happy birthday yar aa tumto perfect birthday mana ra hogna. Usme soneme suhaga HAPPY BIRTHDAY AAMIR.....
A perfect birthday to a perfect person. Sir je tuse great ho tofa kabul karo!
wishing u many many happy returns of the day!
I wish u a very happy b'day! Good luck!
Wish You many Happy Returns of the day
many many happy returns of the day!!!
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day........
Joy is what I wish for you
Success in everything you do
Hope all your dreams come true
And luck may not leave you.
Happy Birthday
happayyyyy birthday amir khan
Happy Birthday Aamir wish you 100 more years
many more happy returns of the day :)
happy birthday &many many return of the day
happy birthday 2 u
happy birthday 2 u
happy birthday &many many return of the day
happy birthday 2 u
happy birthday 2 u
Happy birday bt nt officaly, hope ur movie will hit. 
happy birthday!!!!!!!
Happy birthday my idol. I really admire the whole of you. Your versatility as an actor is way above standard. Hope to see you in the future doing some Hollywood films. I've seen a lot of your movies and it is really very satisfying. Keep it up! Your Filipino fans are behind you.
apppy birthday sir ....
happy birth day aamir ...................nic pic
many happy returns of the day man.............:))
happy Bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday.. May God bless you..
Happy Birthday Mr. Perfectionist!!
very happy returns of the day. 
Happy Birthday ! Enjoy :)
Happy Birthday...................Dear Amirji.
Wish you Happy Birthday, aamir,
Happy birthday mr. Perfectnist
happy birthday amir khan gi?
wish ur very very happy brithday amir khan ji i hope u enjoy
wish u a very long life.salute to ur contribution in indian cinema
yeah right a perfect birthday to you. however please dont do too much of the perfection it might turn out boring
Hppy B*day 2 legend of indian cienena,,,,,hero of common people gave beautiful films, "LAGAAN, SARFAROSH,RANG DE BASANTI, ETC"

hi aamir.... many many more happy birthday to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! may god bless u!! live for 100 years
wow aamir khan wish u many more happy returns of day . may god bless u ........
Jet Kim
Happy birthday Mr.Gajini
happy happy happy happy birthday to you!!!!!
happiiiieeee birthday baba ranchod das......:))
Most simple n ideal man of INDIA.......good 2 hav u we INDIANS..
Anmir khan is my favorit actor. i like his viows and ideas
hi Aamir how r you please teach me acting
I have inspire to salman N aamir Friendship So
i have Biggest fan of those actors N i have meet The SALMAN KHAN Tommarow Delhi Merathoun Main Soo PLZ Partishipet The Amazing movement of Dilli With THE Salman Khan 
Wish u a very very happayah birthday Amir & god bless you and your family .

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