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help write a song for michelle
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The magic cubby is pretty hilarious and the face he made after doing that new effect. Onwards to the mission!
^^ Something tells me you're not exactly a shining star yourself. Afraid to show pics means fat and ugly.
Damn, it's good to have Ze back...thinking, so I don't have to...
Hate to nitpick on Monika's spelling, but I believe she meant to say that ZeFrank is "phat."
Light for the masses in a dark tunnel. Lead the way brother.
I mean he's really back. Just need a giant baby.
It's simply awesome that Ze is back. Food for thought and a smile every day guaranteed.
You're quickly turning into the favourite part of my day.
I FEARRRRR!!! your eyes!!! hehe!!
If catching only when you moving your mouth...this is seem like Jim Carey (only mouth not your EYES!!) Haha!!!
sam ana
I can't wait for the next challenge. I avoid music editing.
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