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episode 1 :: an invocation
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Having a show to look forward to again makes me very happy.
Awesome! :) What kind of camera/mic are you using?
so wonderful!

he's baaaaaackkkk!
...welcome back ze, we all missed you so much!
Awesome. Great to see you back in it.
I'm going to watch this at the start of every day ...
oh no cheese monster!!
Great information that we know but tend to forget in our daily lives.
Yes! So happy to see you back at it again.
I think calling this perfect sort of goes against what you were saying in it, but I don't know what other word to use. Welcome back. You have been missed.
Kind of relates to my life right now. Thanks!
Does this mean that I should stop inducting a few students each year into the LoA?
Its like you never left. Welcome home.
Wow...I think I'm in love with this guy. Beautiful!
I want to kick ass at life again :)
Welcome back to showing, Ze. :) It's great to have ya.
Sweet. I like the whole concept of an invocation for any beginning. A lot of insightful material covered by you, Mr. Ze Frank. Funny, and humbling, at the same time. ♕
YAY! Is this going to be daily again or is it going to be on a different schedule?
I loved it! Thanks for sharing +ze frank.

How have things changed since your last time doing this?
sad thing is people go through this every day. In some way it can be true and other ways not. What happens if she walks away ; And he say time to party. Then what?
life isnt a sequence of waiting for things to be done .. awesome quote ..the video was great .. a different touch but does get the point across ..
Yeah, totally Jesse, WRITE ALL OVER HER POST.
Had to look up FILDI. I suppose that means I'm officially old :-)
welcome back, welcome back, stick around. you are amazing.
Dude Great Start! I'm looking forward to what you come up with. Time for a new generation (as far as internet time goes seems like a generation ago you were killing it) to discover you. I wish you all the best!
I've seen him speak @ TED, the description said he was a comedian but...
cooooooooollllllllll :P
+ze frank true inspiration. Kindness and kickass wrapped with a humour that makes it travel. Sharing...
I never liked the old Ze Frank, but I sure am interested by this one.
it so interesting but i never liked old ze frank
When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. x
A print or plaque of the invocation would probably find a market. Just sayin'.
Love this. "Life isn't just a sequence of waiting for things to be done."
this is great. life is full of can do,must be done and done with faith.
Why you gotta make me cry, eh? Well done.
It's perfect that I didn't see this awesome video until this morning. Thanks for kickstarting my day! It's only 9:25AM and I've already gone jogging and made breakfast and stuff. I'm feeling good, ignoring the fact that I slept until 4PM just a couple days ago. :D
It's inspiring to see your lovely, kind face again! And the shark was cute, too. :) Let's start this shit up!!
So glad to see you back! Looking forward to watching ashow.
i misses all the sports racers
Also, Ze, thank you. Your video got ME off my ass and I'm now well into writing a play for the Fringe Festival. I would hug you if I could, but I'll have to settle for an internet high-five.
jonesin' for a second fix ze. c'mon man, help a sports racer out.
Buckle up your ducky it's gonna be a wild ride.
Just. Beautiful. Thanks for coming back, Ze!
The cheese of accomplishment had damned well better come in single-wrap slices.
oh, how I've missed you! Now king of the circle of Awesome.
I won't say I missed you, only that I missed this format of you. Go get em ze!
you know, i never really watched the show, but there are some really amazing amazing gems in this video +ze frank, they brought a tear to my eye and kicked me in the ass to keep following that cheese monster
The Show is back?!! YES! Joygaaaaasms! :D Time to brush up on my power move. :)
Whoa! Ze Frank may just be a human after all. He blinked more times in the first seconds here than during the entire set of Shows "Back In His Time".
Holy shit, that was wonderful. Thank you.
Thank you for that, Ze. That may have been exactly what I needed to hear.
Ze, you are AMAZING! I loved you on Ted, but this video made me a follower. Hoping you get just what you need out of whatever new project you're into...
I hope it is your pleasure to do this for some time, Ze.
I downloaded the audio to this episode simply so that I could listen to it before I head to bed now and again. I've had problems with confidence and not seeing projects through for my entire life, so having a reminder that not everything that goes wrong is my fault, that my past experiences don't necessarily shape my future experiences, it's really helped me out.

Thanks for the reminder of that, ze. :-)
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