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The truest facts about the most perfect human :: morgan freeman
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See also: Stewart Lee on Morgan Freeman.
John J
Believe the lie
i met that man, even had a brief conversation with him. he is really one of the coolest people ever.
When Morgan Freeman was about growing up in Alabama, he used to start every explanation with a tale about what he wondered about as an infant... in Alabama.
The Freeman.
I am crying right now, Morgan freeman, Morgan freeman. Morgan freeman. Must commence search for unicorn tears.
LMFAO!!! thank you morgan freeman for narrating my life
Thanks Morgan for creating the penguins! lol!
$$ Rich $$ ... morgan freeman hires a guy to build an experimental flying huvering floating saucer in his backyard.
So funny! Nice video. 
He is a smart dude about race. He realizes how most Americans think about it makes zero sense.
Wouldn't one have to be perfect in order to correctly identify perfection.
Perfect human? Isn't he a pedofile?
LOL!!! I love this!!! Undeniable!!! He is Morgan Freeman!!!
i love him!! he is in almost every movie
most perfect human? has ZE never seen Charlize Theron?!
^^ Who invited Buzz Killington??
The only true here is his name the rest is creation of a fucked up mind of ZE...
I swear I used to watch him perform on sesame street when I was a child!!!
+Rasheda Wallace Is it in your nature to be vicious or envious, I wonder? +Jean-Francois Watier Ah, yes the fad that Conan O'Brien started. Not a thing about Chucks voice though, since he let's his roundhouse kicks do the talking ;)
I had a dream where I ran into Ze on the bus, and told him that the first time I watched this video, I was totally fooled into thinking it was Morgan Freeman. Ze told me to get out of his face.
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