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Oooooh. Cool! How does this work?! Give me teh science!
That is so cool. What gave him the idea?
I want to try that some time!!!
that's so cool
should be the swing of the board
force them to sync
I'm going to pretend that you posted this because you saw it on my stream
This should relate to a motivational meaning about synergy or multiple sticks being bound. Show this a group of individuals that need to collaborate on a project and I bet they'll take a lot out of it.
there is a nice book (a mathematical one though) called "synchronization". This is due to the coupling effects that can take place in interacting non-linear dynamical systems. Very impressive though .
I am trying hard to find a point in this
just touch it or need some science trick? timing?
Now i know what to do with our drummer
Wow, thats awesome!!! whats the for it to sync like that... is there an easy non math answer or not?
Is this anything like women who live together?
it's not "science", my friend. it's nature.
One should do that with teams of people...
The millennium footbridge in London had this issue when it opened...
The most impressive: I'm sure that math can explain it (no clue how to do it, but for sure it can). This is as beautiful as the experiment!
The non static (moving) board that they are sitting on, throws off the metronomes timing. If there was one it wouldn't matter, but because there are many, the moving surface absorbs the momentum of each pendulum and cancels out the conflicting oscillations until they are all in synch. That's why they were in and out of synch until each tempo was absorbed and synced... gasps for air 
I felt inspired to listen to Terry Riley.
This is an example of coupled systems. On the table they could not 'talk' to one another. On the coke cans(?) they are coupled, however slightly, to allow the demo. Good show!
Daryl Fletcher Jr .. You could do the same thing with two pendulums on a sliding surface ..
+Liz Krane Looks like this is the original: Synchronisation. Description says: metronomes (or "pendula") when on table, oscillate with random phases, since that is how they started and they are "uncoupled" (no energy/information flows from one to other so they do not "know" each other.) When they are all together on the cans, notice that the cans themselves oscillate little, providing coupling/information crossover. which forces "synchronization" in periodic systems (discovered by Huygens in 17th century).

A useful book: "Synchronization: A Universal Concept in Nonlinear Sciences " by Arkady Pikovsky, Michael Rosenblum and Jurgen Kurths.

A scientific article:
My personal homepage:
+Will Grafton that is not quite correct, since this phenomenon has been observed in pendulum clocks hanging on the same wall but in two different room. Of course in the video the coupling is much stronger and then the Lyapunov exponent would have a greater magnitude, letting the experiment to succeed faster.
For the mathematically keen ones the book I was mentioning was "Synchronization: A Universal Concept in Nonlinear Sciences". ;)
+Enzo Ferrazzano true, but who would watch an hour long youtube video of clocks ticking ever so slowly toward synchronization?
Please tell me that that was inertia.
What would happen if the pendulums of the metronomes had different periods? Would this same "synchronizing" force affect the consistency of those periods? Obviously, in the course of synchronizing, the period of some oscillations would have to be affected, or else synchronization would never occur. Would differing periods result in non-stop affecting of the periods, resulting in a general loss of consistency?
Wow... that was just amazing. Wasn't aware of that effect... or if I were once, it had long been forgotten. :-)
Seen this a while back. Still fun tho
definitely due to inertia forces introduced by the fastest ones compensated by the slower ones - they only sync when on top of the two soda cans that allow all of them to start moving. Let's hear what +Nels Griffin has to say on this
+Thanos Angelatos Unless I'm mistaken, this in not a case of "faster" and "slower" pendulums. This is a case of pendulums with equivalent periods adjusting to synchronized equilibrium positions. Synchronizing pendulums with differing periods would violate the laws that control the pendulums themselves and would not result in a stable state.
Can use this same principle to synchronize the 4 hand clocks I have in the house?
that waz sooo cool its amazing what science can do
Nice find Ze. You're one of the more interesting people I ever found on the internet and even watched a bunch of your old talks which are informative, creative, and fun.
I remember watching a show about bridges where they talked about one that collapsed when a big group of people was on it. The bridge was built to hold more weight but something interesting happened. As people were walking on it, the bridge started moving sideways. As a result, without consciously knowing, the people on the bridge started to change their pace to adapt to the almost imperceptible rocking of the bridge. When the people were completely synchronized the rocking was so much that the bridge collapsed. Engineers have to look into this behavior in order to avoid their structures to collapse like this bridge did.
I think more of a Mythbusters show when I hear something like this ...
Gravity,Physics, never ceases to amaze me!
Just saw this effect on a recent "Head Rush Refresh" hosted by Kari Byron [of Mythbusters fame] very cool!
You can also do the same experiment using two identical pendulum clocks either end of a book shelf. If you start one pendulum clock swinging out of sync, it will right itself and sync with the other clock...
whats up with the play symbol where it is
Give him resonance and he will rule the world! Archimedes was a hack!
Look's like the screen is moving to the beat...=)
yah..seems once they are all coupled up the individual movements of the metronomes are slowly canceled by the movement of the group mass until they find them selves in harmony..."feels" similar or related to the physics behind bringing your fingers together on a poll will always find you the middle...ill have to think on it a bit more though, that was just my first gut.
this the perfect form to loose time, where is the utility ???
that's physics at work for you. they sync theirself in with just a little shared room to move and the shared effect of the others movement. nice trick, and a good one for the classroom, OR BAR BETS.
+Nels Griffin what you're describing is based on the effects of friction and center of gravity...this is a conservation of momentum issue.
it means you can find the cosmic downbeat any time you can afford 5 metronomes a board and 2 pieces of broom stock or maybe just a good jazz musician.
What the hell is the point of this?
that is cool but that clicking noise got stuck in my head ughh
OMGosh! Tat is cool! I actually play guitar and i am working on a song called Caprice and I have to do it 130 beats per minute!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe that I watched this for the full 85 seconds.
Metronomes, for keeping time in music.
Jay Tee
Yup.....only word for this is "WDF"....
Neat but it's just someone demonstrating physics at work. No magic.
Why does that happen? What is it about balancing on the two cylinders? Why, why, WHY??
what´s the explaination?
Same thing happens with a group of women and their menstrual cycles. After time they synchronize :P
This is so cool that my eyes even began to synchronize!!! lol
cool i do that with my legs all the time
lagi liat pa genk?????????????
I wonder if the same thing would happen if everyone reading this post rocked our heads left and right. I'll start...
omg how is it doing that and can you tell the dude to at lest tell you how the do it not just "SCIENCE"
nice work allowing the cans to act as wheels allowing the movement of each meter to throw it's weight for that perfect sync. The bigger point here is how simple solutions remain the best!
Yas. K
So Cool! Sharing this with my eighth grade students as a critical thinking piece! THANKS!
What is the tempo?
Simply amazing!
Best band in the world: THE METRONOMES!!!!!!
Excellent demonstration of resonance - and amazingly fast entrainment. Thanks for sharing!
Why they all behave/synchronize after putting in the can? balance? thanks for sharing
They don't have the friction of the table to oppose their motion, so they begin to sway the board. And as the board starts to regulate, it in turn moves the weight of the metronome. Or something like that. Correct me if I'm wrong, though. =)
+Richard Glover no..i know what the center if a mass issue is..i think i wrote a blog piece on it. But it still "feels" like the underlying abstracted math would have similar characteristics. I could be 100% wrong - but its akin to the absolute temperature "feeling" like a type of thermal inertia. I just get a gut on things sometimes and more often then not i drill it down and am wrong, but on occasion some interesting correlations pop out of the intuition. On that note, i could be 100% dead off base. I know there are more fundamental issues with conservation of momentum here that mitigate the diverging oscillation within the system.
woww !! i could get to know something new !! Thanx :)
why does he just stand there, he should be dancing or something lol!
Never seen it demonstrated but expected. And yes, he is a bit boring as a presenter.
horizontal force is balanced by end rolling support condition.
nice example.
reminds me of marching... and mental conditioning... hrrm...
I sense a killer physics qualifying exam question is being formulated by a sinister grad school prof.
Collaboration, team spirit etc... What do you need to have different people with different feelings, thoughts, inspirations, needs and wants, work together in synchronization? Maybe all you need is a common ground, which is flexible enough for them to affect each other.
That's an excellent example of physics at work. Does that constitute a mechanical phased lock loop?
Very cool.... moral of the story, to get everyone in sync, stand on a moving plank. :)
I'm probably going to look a bit foolish, but the synchronisation only starts when the guy puts the metronomes on the cans, so with that thinking I would imagine that as the metronome arms swing there is a little movement if the board that they are sitting on, which affects the distance/force of the arms, thus eventually allowing them to syncronise.

but I could be wrong. ;0)
the first time i saw this i tought wrong!!!!!!!!jajajajajajajaja
Friend's response, "A couple cans of lager will make a lot of things better."
inertia, mass of the arms, the board ....................... smart, well, intelligent girls who know they are sexy are much more impressive than this. I think the metronomes are hypnotizing people. evil things dictating a time segment.............
Who sees the hidden face on his shirt?
You really have the time!
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