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new episode! words words words
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SOOO glad you are BAAACK! oh look! duckies!
MY STAMP: CX not making one!
Ze, get some sleep, you're so tired you forgot to add the orange filter. :)
He's just getting lazy with his special effects josh. Or he's running out of cardboard. 
'words are the instrument you play to the song of your ideas; you're just playing covers'

Wonderful - I think I'm going to ignore the advice within and adopt those words for a while. It makes no sense, but somehow words that speak to all of us seem more personal.
So I should say, I wish I could keep the ideas and inspirations with me throughout the day. Which I do.
Words are the light not what you see. 
I mean no disrespect Mr. Frank; but, have you considered seeing a chiropractor? You always seem to be leaning to the right... Physically, not politically.
careful there's a shark behind you
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