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monday's moody episode
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I've somehow signed up to see these in so many different places that when you release an episode I get two e-mails, see it on Twitter and then Google+.
Lately I've been reading Winnicott's theories on the False/True Self, Play and "Being/Real" v. "being good." Apparently, his mother smother-loved him. It is likely he lacked a transitional object himself. Also, "Winnicott believed that it was only in playing that people are entirely their true selves" -- And this seems to really inform your work +ze frank You get to the guts of things through play.
Man, your shows are great! Keep it up.
wow, pretty cool. man, you talk fast. hee hee
Matt G.
I'm glad you're doing your show again. Keep it up!
Oh, great, object relations theory on the Internets...

This video is much more significant than a video would appear to be. But, of course, everything is...
Is it just me or is Ze's hair different in every cut?
I need to find my blubear now...
so my transitional object is a person (not my mother)..... hmmm
This Gap thing; I've read it somewhere, I can faintly recall it being attributed to some TV screenwriter or something…
very likely. I make no claim to its authoring, it is merely an inspirational piece that helps keep me going, even after all this time.
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