[Preliminary SITREP] Operation Pentadion - 5th degree homogeneous field 
(121 all quintuple layered CFs with 43 portal)
On 29th January in Ginza Tokyo, our RES team of fielding enthusiasts finally managed to create probably the first ever 5th degree homogeneous field*, the field our team of fielding enthusiasts had been dreaming of for a long time.  

Can you figure out how we could do this?

Over 30 agents took part in this most intricate operation. There were lots of behind the scanner stories… detailed SITREP will follow soon.

* Our team defines nth homogeneous field as  a field that meets the following conditions
a: All inner CFs are homogeneously nth layered.
b: All inner portals are optimally used (a number of CFs are also maximized)
Animated Photo
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