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A day in the life of a YouTube complaints specialist … we wish!
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i hv lots of complaints.......................lolz
I love trolling YouTube, funny reactions :3
ahahaha............... JERK...............ahahaha.............
Laura Hinojosa...........pussy sex
roy co
hahaha sexy big b.............
All I see is a push-up bra. That's false advertising! lol :P
Adsense support ...the lack there of. Oh but adwords has live operators but the YT publisher have to walk on infringement eggshells
Where is the spam department?
very informative but i'm new and woundering how it really work?
2;06, Lol, the dad who shot his daughter's computer. Classic...
I have no complaints regarding the complaint specialist.
the cliveage is so much exaggerated
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Awesome! We want this to exist IRL!
There should be three buttons on YouTube. A dislike button, a like button and a ''please undo the rest of your buttons'' button. lol :P
OMG you've featured Barely Political! How awesome!
I checked this out and it was hilarious!! I def subscribed!!!
someone really got paid for that video?
plus one for thumbnail? sure, why not.
to call the humor 'lame' would be an understatement
photo is up and I have no idea as to what you typed
nice, but..................some one should teach her.
I think a video of her face when she read my post would have been much funnier
This I could just imagine the crazy complaints youtube gets
YouTube videos by default should show up just like it does here on Google+: controls show up on mouseover. That means on and when embedding. Looks cleaner (like Vimeo).
awesome jenna marbles and laura mc donald
LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The TETAS lady and the BIKINI girl are the best part !!
Thank you for this beautiful video
You are all terrible people.

Great job bending to the corporate whim and not the consumer's desires.

The new commenting system is awful in ways that I couldn't even express properly in English. It requires several languages of profanity to express how awful it is. G+ me to know how bad it is....

JK! I don't have a G+ (that I know of) because that website is awful.
Oh yeah... and now hen you destroyed the commenting system i am sure that working there would be a total nightmare...
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