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Give button mashing a whole new meaning with the new YouTube app for PlayStation 3—rolling out today in North America for free download from the PlayStation Store.
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This is so great. YouTube Remote support?

Edit: YouTube Remote support!
I wish Google only made announcements about new releases once they were ready to launch them in all markets!

(Yes, yes I understand why they might do a phased roll out but I want YouTube now!)
deffo gona download dis when me get home
sorry, I am going To download this when i get home.
I am glad PSN have brought it to the PS3 just hope the plastation 4 and the XBOX 720 have it and i hope they have better websites aswell.
Huh. I will definitely check this out when I get home. Thanks.
I was getting all excited when I saw the picture because I thought that maybe +YouTube was changing their look!
Are there any plans to change your look/upgrade the website?
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Oh come on now, PS3 too?
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Why not just make the YouTube app on android 4.0+ work correctly...? Oh right, that would not expand your advertising channels...
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Is it possible to get an personal contact for youtube, regarding a serious problem with an account. It snot possible to get a personal coantact via Telephone and i got no reply of the support team.
The shooter in Colorado had an X box too all his games were  bat man 
+YouTube The app is nicely designed, but it has issues streaming and does not stream in HD. Seems like 480p at best. Not sure why it has problems streaming, but it stops after about 5 minutes. It also occasionally cuts of a couple inches off the left side of the app. Nor do all my subscriptions show up. Rewinding is also wonky as sometimes the rewind actually jumps the video forward. And you can't seemingly fast forward past what has already been buffered. Additionally, it just crashed my PS3 twice. App needs some work.
Ok, I can consistently make the YouTube app crash my PS3. Just play any long video for about five minutes and it will stop streaming and crash.
love that you can watch a video while browsing, and being able to control it from my iPhone and iPad is a pleasant surprise.  can't wait to see what this becomes
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Tony G
I hope you roll this out in Europe as well, including the Nordic countries.
+YouTube please fix this app. It still has problems loading videos and crashes my PS3. At least it nice to see you are updating the UI, but that isn't enough.
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