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Thumbs need a break from saving the world from zombies, and want to catch up on the latest PewDiePie videos? The updated YouTube app for Playstation 3 now has the send to TV feature that automatically pairs your phone or tablet with your PS3 on the same Wi-Fi network. Open YouTube on your PS3, click the TV icon on your YouTube app for Android or iPhone, and the video starts playing instantly on your big screen. It’ll be like the same awesome feeling you had when you played Metal Gear Solid for the first time. For bonus points, we also made videos play more smoothly and with less buffering. Ok, now back to the zombies...
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Sean S
Recently began using the browser version of send to TV where you use a pair code with Xbox.  It makes the YouTube experience on Xbox much better.  Its nice not to have to type with an Xbox controller.  That took forever.  Now I can finally enjoy YouTube on my TV without the frustration.
It would also be nice if you can do this with the desktop browser.
Hi sean can u explain how to star this I want this on my phone please
Sean S
+jose narciso , do you have an Xbox?
If so, do the following.
Start the YouTube app on your Xbox.  Navigate to the last page and look for a pair code button.  Select this and it will display a pair code.  
On your mobile browser, go to  Enter the pair code into your phone. 
It's very nice to be able to add videos to a playlist from my N7 as I'm watching them on the PS3.
Been using this for a while and it's a very good implementation
Is this available in the UK yet?
+Mark Taylor thanks, last time I looked it wasn't available, but will search it out now
That's just awesome. Been using youtube remote with my sony 3D blu-ray payble and now with this addition I can now do the same on my ps3... Nice done...
Just installed the app on the PS3 and well impressed virtually no lag, and running like a dream, although have added to both mine and the wife's tablets and let the battles commence lol
of course hes like a boss at games'
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I can't subscribe to a channel it just shows loading sybol were subscribe button is
please refresh your severs they are lagging like crazy.
Common +YouTube , let's be real here. No one likes PewDiePie under the age of 18+ Which is the majority of people here on +Google+ 
You know what would make YouTube on the PS3 significantly better? If I could use PS3's Bluetooth keyboard with it like I used to be able to when it was in the web browser. The current search text entry is so god-awful I stopped using YouTube on my PS3.
I do this on PS3 because I hate typing with the controller lol.
I could get some exercise for my thumbs by sticking them in PewDiePie's eyes, then maybe he'd stop making his god awful "look at me, aren't I hilarious" videos :D

Nerd³ > PewdiePoo
this sounds sweet I can't wait until I get my ps3 back!
Jbenitex - Experimenting with sound pt.1
Sampling some sitar guitar and fusion music(Indian music) Also doing some audio processing while recording guitar plus made some noises using a notebook.
Recently released a album
I hope the Wii U app gets it's interface updated so it's controllable by an adapted version of the interface of the Mobile version on the GamePad, just like in this feature, x3
Is available in uk cus im using it lol
does it do the same with Google TV Youtube app?
On another note, it's kinda sad that the YouTube app on my ps vita is Better than the one on my android......
Nice have a Sony gtv now they all work in unison! Need more updates for google tv.
good now can you try and fix the wii u youtube app. on my wii u the youtube app is so slow that i have to go to the internet browser to watch youtube videos.
o aplicativo do youtube android está ótimo, e esta carregando videos mais rapido do que nunca, e esta bem bonito também, o do ps3 carrega videos lentamente, e o mecanismo de pesquisa é muito ruim, aquele teclado é muito ruim de digitar, e os resultados nao são precisos.. 
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