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You have to play “Umbrella” by Rihanna at least once today. Can anyone guess why?
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No way!I rather divorce&get drunk.Shitty music!
nooo....? should i know why?
Because we need it now?
Snow storm is out there!!!
Vanila Sky's cover version of Umbrella is way better
to increase the national suicide rate?
don't listen to orange ANYTHING
Damn.. Rihanna looking nice. umm? what are we talking about?
cool! i take german as my foreign language!!
seriously though germany, we get it, but whining about GEMA to YouTube isn't going to help.
+Mark Habel Ur not missing much being blocked from this Canned Spam. "_) LL aka5050 lvnv
Everytime I listen to Umbrella (Vanilla sky cover, not the original) I remember my cute little friend Nemesis from RE:3 - Starzzz.......
It's snowing here in the NW Chicagoland suburbs. I guess we could use an umbrella! LOL
So no1 actually knows right? :D Maybe she needs more fans ... cause shes so pathetic ...
Because It's The Last Day Before Obama Takes It Down With SOPA?
Because You Heard It On The Radio And Was Like "OMG, I HAVENT HEARD THAT SONG IN YEARS!!!" And You Had To Share The News...?
i like this song, why doesn't everyone else??
Yes , super great video, thank you very much, five stars and thumbs up.
I get the feeling the thread didn't go, as planned. Would work on Facebook, the kids just love being cool listening to what their friends listen to, because their friends listen to it. Circular reasoning, I know, why they're kids.
I got it... because it's not available in Germany as many other videos. #ffs
fa La
funy Music good song
Oh baby it's raining, raining!
Rihanna is kinda lame and her music is mediocre at best. seems kinda corporate, you know, shoved out there. sorry to all the non haters:P
still not as bad as "stupid hoe" worst piece of garbage to come out of mainstream music i have seen -_-
We need an umbrella for all the vomiting this vid is causing.
To remind us of just how apish and quality-absent music has become?
Don't move so fast least you should fall down.
dear +YouTube , your cooperation with GEMA is HIGHLY ANNOYING. Please make it optional to have those videos blocked. Why force people to pay for VPNs just so they can watch blocked stuff??
Esta canción será siempre el HIMNO de Rihanna. Simplemente maravillosa!! :-)
isn't that counted as copyright infridgment?
today is the day she got her ass beat by chris brown lmao not that that's funny just knew what you were talkin about
bellle tofffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
why is google trying so hard to be the new facebook?
SEAN, you are wrong. facebook was made AFTER google+ so..... FaceBook is trying to be the new google+ actually.
yeah, i with you abigail zeo.
sory im new here
Because she needs more views?........She is sick?..........She needs a life? XD
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