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What does Mardi Gras mean to you?
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It means stay away from New Orleans for a few weeks. I can't hang.
One bourbon one scotch one beer !!! Happy days.
LoL... Isn't that the same response that most humans would give for most international/national holidays? []^_^]
Beers at home where it's safe. ;)
It means its time to have fun before lent begins.
Mardi is an excuse for stupidity
Mardi Gras ... the movie is essentially presented above need to be with someone ... other, even if different elements are but masks beaded costumes agreements ....sow YES MEANS TO BY FEEL GOOD!
Mardi gras means nothing. in ireland we call it pancake day.
Mardi Gras ???? I´m in Rio´s Carnaval !!!!!
it means to act like a kid
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