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very cool! Id love to try it myself!!!!!!!
when trying this ... Don't forget to wear your seat belt :D
That's impressive. That was done with what seems no effort.
I must have done this with my toy cars so much that it doesn't look that impressive in real life.
chinese? that explains the courage. if he dies, there's literally a billion more of us to replace him.

yes, you read right. i'm a chinese too.
Looks like he came off the road at the top - i.e. just a little bit too slow to stay in contact with the "road". (You can hear it too, when he "lands" again on the way down from his zero-G apex.)
Kang Li
who says asian's cant drive
This is impossible man,,,wowww what a talent ..........
Sad. They spend all their time treating the driver like a rock star... The driver's job is to drive at the speed the engineers told him, in a relatively straight line. From his point of view, it's just a long, steep hill.

The engineers on the other hand had to design a rig that could withstand the immense forces involved in literally stopping a car (since its forward momentum needs to be completely absorbed as it accelerates in the opposite direction). Of course the materials science and creative engineering required to do this is all ignored in favor of the guy in the cool jumpsuit. :-(
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+Dilshan Hasanka Of course not. He was not the one behind this.Engineers and mathematicans figured out the path in a big ball of arithmetic. He just went in the right gear and the right speed, didn't even reaööy have to turn. Yes, there is some courage, but hey, as +Aaron Sherman said, to him it was just a big, steep hill. Driving up a big steep hill isn't hard when you are going fast.
Against the gravity. And the drifting was really cool!
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