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K-Pop - the latest genre in YouTube music?

That's right. Since K-Pop (Korean Pop) has broken so big, we thought it was a good time to give this unique set of artists their own genre on

So bounce to the beat of this playlist, featuring some of our most viewed K-Pop videos from around the world.
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Go K-Pop!
Definitely worth checking out.
I have no shame.
I love this group. For some reason Sorry, Sorry still gets stuck in my head.
PH Lee
It's almost got a Bhangra feel to it - I like it
I like how when I go to the Kpop channel, it recommends NeYo. Cuz he's obviously Korean.
who let the dogs out? O_O
its like watch a car wreck. no matter how bad it is, i can't look away
Just what we need, a Korean version of the Backstreet Boys. LOL.
Lol its the korean version of Nsync lol ha
K-pop is an example of disorganised piece of music.
They look like a bunch of woman.... SC2 players listen to this a lot, id rather not see it.
hei,oh mr.simple,because you naughty naughty
what about "MMMbop!" ?

..that didn't went well.. did it?
If all K-pop bands have all so cute members, i should listen more to their music :p
Why not Hindi-pop! It's all the rage with the rap scene, I tell ya!
Hindi pop suck like hell why would you listen to those crap songs?
It's like Boybands from 90's has came back. Awful !!! Baby Baby, love you baby,
They all look like they have been born in the wrong body..
Seriously guys if you didnt like it just skip the comments you dont have to be a bunch of douche's to a band that is loved internationally. It REALLY gets old. Dont hate people seriously just cuz theyre all much better looking than you.... SUJU I <3 YOU!!!
what is this world coming to, oh lord.
It's not hate at all. it's just boring
Thank-you for everyone .
النسخة الاجنبية من (تـــــيــــــــر شـــــرش
Hallyu (Korean wave) is the best ever, it´s good that Super junior is representing this wave, love K-pop :D -Eric Castellon
They are like the number one for guy K-Pop bands, and Girls Generation or SNSD, are the girls. Although I think BEAST or B2ST is coming up :D
More like kpop is the biggest genre in YouTube Music. <3 
son geniales y me encantan  a mi en special me encanto el de lentes lindooooooo saludos besos 
What do you mean latest? Hasn't it always been? XD
XT Liew
If you don't like, just pass, simple~
Tell me why you're bothering yourself with something you don't like ?
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