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Got a pair of shoes that need stretching or some pants that won’t stay up? After this you won’t.
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Put jeans in the freezer to clean them? How does that work?
Child of the Soviet Union ... Poor, difficult childhood
Do what after you put jeans in the freezer?
In the line of work I do, I would never put my jeans in the freezer. They need washed, not frozen. The cold sure won't get the stains & dirt out like a washing does.

But I do turn them inside-out before I wash them. They don't fade as quickly as they do the right-way out.
+Rajiv Vyas according to the video, you must polish the shoe .. with a ..toothbrush.. Rather odd .oO
Huh, I'd always cleaned my sneakers by licking em. This should be way easier.
useful information thanks ~

I wanna do that
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