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Life a Bubble, I snap it today as days r like a minute, We waiting years to come, it may diminish their images, with flower & Ashes Yogesh
Life a Bubble, I snap it today as days r like a minute, We waiting years to come, it may diminish their images, with flower & Ashes Yogesh

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Check out Dr Thawarchand Gehlot's task 'Press conference on “Major Social Welfare Initiatives” at 12.00 noon on 15.4.2017 in PIB Conference Hall, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi.'

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I Yogesh Kumar Saxena Advocate Supreme Court based at Allahabad High Court suggests that Law must liberate not enslaved citizens by Dynastically Ruled provinces and territories and territories disputes may not be factors responsible for governance. i will Now Revive BHARTIYA JAN SANG denounced by Sri Atal Bihari Bajpai, Lal Krishna Advani and Mulrli Manohar Johi Yaswat Sinha and Yaswat Singh had taken from Seen Dayal Upadhyaya and Balraj Madhok and prafull Goradiya and now under control of our best Quality products of sri Narendra Modi and Amit Shah complete holding having an art of possibility with refuse of scoundrel.i SRI Narendra Damodhar Das Modi our best prime minister and yogityanath will be our patrons if they so desired. We will settle down in Kashmir as our integral part of.Nation. we will oust every invader living in our paradise. I will become servant of my.nation and who ever will take this pledge may.join my party. We need support of public who may feel proud to sing Vande Marram. We will get equal distribution of our resources to every citizens. We will get every ashram under our control and converted them in old age sheltie home, Gay Shaka and sports and military school.Ajmer Military School - Wikipedia Rashtriya Military School – Ajmer (formerly King George's Royal Indian Military School), established in 1930, is an educational institution located in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. There must be proportionate increase in the number of members of parliament from 536 to 45678 at least in the same expenditures and every 100o representative in parliament may be assigned to look after the different tasks at different time. The session of parliament should commence on every seven days for particular ministry in three session parliament functioning for 24 hours. As sun do not take rest, air flow do not stop, environment functions for our survival regularly, why the privilege orientation and power intoxications for parliamentarians. They are no other but government servant having all such restriction what are there with public servant. The proportionate representation of representation in Utter Pradesh be increased from 405 to 2020, uttarakhand from 70 to 350 and in Delhi from 70 to 350 members. Public.conviniences for member of Parliament and members of legislative assembly and kshetra panchayat, zila Panchayat and Gram Panchayat may be abolished. Three tier system brought through 73rd amendment be abolished as it has further disintegration of of representation. Environment protection is major issue. No rainy water may be allowed to wastage and stored with underground water. Judiciary must be given overhauling and responsibility Of Judges be confined to development of.Law. No arguments of Lawyers are needed and accountability of tort teasers be ascertained officer passing wrong order is at par.with corruption. Irrigation facility , cultivation of land, cheapest intermediate and junior HighSchool be promoted in campus colleges having all rounds sports and extracalicular activities undertaken from village life. Decentralisation of urban population be done. Use of air conditions and other electronic equipments instruments generating electro magnetic current be minimised as schizophrenia ailments be kept under control.

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After death mind still perceived the pain while insects starts eating to corpus of Carnivorous Muslims in kabristan

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Bliss at heart comes, when Omni potent power enshrined at heart. My life struggle after the death of my father on 22nd Oct. 1971 was the great shock as I remained free from responsibility and dealt with in casual manner towards difficulty faced by family. I passed B.Sc. Bio group and wanted to become doctor but destiny took me to village infested area full of dacoits in Bhongaon Tehsil mauja Mahawatpur in District Mainpuri. I completed LL.B. exam in three years course by appearing in all papers in last year as income from Baron Land was a dream lost in vision. I remained farmer during emergency and cultivated 75 acres land with traitor, tube well, electricity motors trashed the crops of paddy. I cultivated highest production of wheat proclaimed during emergency. Shifted to High Court. Wind up farming. Accomplished responsibility of marriage of Brother and sister. Conducted cases at High Court. I was known as best Lawyer. Got my widow mother taken at my rented house in Allahabad. But soon started difficulty to manage her suffering from mental ailments. Thus I left regular life and went to Himalaya. On 3rd Nov. 1985 I remained at Badrinath in below freezing point temperature, but survived. Became best lawyer and than started advocacy for Nation. Visited Germany in 2008 and became supreme Court Advocate in 2009. Went to Singapore. Joined Jan Sang in 1978 which was merged in BJP. Became friend of B.J. P. Become joined SAMVAD but forced to oust. Yes, I am not possessive for money, post, possession and having Bliss at heart and wisdom in speach. Give an opportunity as I want to die a death of Myrtles​ for upliftment of farmers status in my Nation.Bharat Mata Mandir of great importance which remained instrumental for survival.

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गुलाम वंश*
1=1193 मुहम्मद गौरी
2=1206 कुतुबुद्दीन ऐबक
3=1210 आराम शाह
4=1211 इल्तुतमिश
5=1236 रुकनुद्दीन फिरोज शाह
6=1236 रज़िया सुल्तान
7=1240 मुईज़ुद्दीन बहराम शाह
8=1242 अल्लाउदीन मसूद शाह
9=1246 नासिरुद्दीन महमूद
10=1266 गियासुदीन बल्बन
11=1286 कै खुशरो
12=1287 मुइज़ुदिन कैकुबाद
13=1290 शमुद्दीन कैमुर्स
1290 गुलाम वंश समाप्त्
(शासन काल-97 वर्ष लगभग )

👉खिलजी वंश
1=1290 जलालुदद्दीन फ़िरोज़ खिलजी
अल्लाउदीन खिलजी
4=1316 सहाबुद्दीन उमर शाह
5=1316 कुतुबुद्दीन मुबारक शाह
6=1320 नासिरुदीन खुसरो शाह
7=1320 खिलजी वंश स्माप्त
(शासन काल-30 वर्ष लगभग )

👉तुगलक वंश
1=1320 गयासुद्दीन तुगलक प्रथम
2=1325 मुहम्मद बिन तुगलक दूसरा
3=1351 फ़िरोज़ शाह तुगलक
4=1388 गयासुद्दीन तुगलक दूसरा
5=1389 अबु बकर शाह
6=1389 मुहम्मद तुगलक तीसरा
7=1394 सिकंदर शाह पहला
8=1394 नासिरुदीन शाह दुसरा
9=1395 नसरत शाह
10=1399 नासिरुदीन महमद शाह दूसरा दुबारा सता पर
11=1413 दोलतशाह
1414 तुगलक वंश समाप्त
(शासन काल-94वर्ष लगभग )

👉सैय्यद वंश
1=1414 खिज्र खान
2=1421 मुइज़ुदिन मुबारक शाह दूसरा
3=1434 मुहमद शाह चौथा
4=1445 अल्लाउदीन आलम शाह
1451 सईद वंश समाप्त
(शासन काल-37वर्ष लगभग )

👉लोदी वंश
1=1451 बहलोल लोदी
2=1489 सिकंदर लोदी दूसरा
3=1517 इब्राहिम लोदी
1526 लोदी वंश समाप्त
(शासन काल-75 वर्ष लगभग )

👉मुगल वंश
1=1526 ज़ाहिरुदीन बाबर
2=1530 हुमायूं
1539 मुगल वंश मध्यांतर

👉सूरी वंश
1=1539 शेर शाह सूरी
2=1545 इस्लाम शाह सूरी
3=1552 महमूद शाह सूरी
4=1553 इब्राहिम सूरी
5=1554 फिरहुज़् शाह सूरी
6=1554 मुबारक खान सूरी
7=1555 सिकंदर सूरी
सूरी वंश समाप्त,(शासन काल-16 वर्ष लगभग )

मुगल वंश पुनःप्रारंभ
1=1555 हुमायू दुबारा गाद्दी पर
2=1556 जलालुदीन अकबर
3=1605 जहांगीर सलीम
4=1628 शाहजहाँ
5=1659 औरंगज़ेब
6=1707 शाह आलम पहला
7=1712 जहादर शाह
8=1713 फारूखशियर
9=1719 रईफुदु राजत
10=1719 रईफुद दौला
11=1719 नेकुशीयार
12=1719 महमूद शाह
13=1748 अहमद शाह
14=1754 आलमगीर
15=1759 शाह आलम
16=1806 अकबर शाह
17=1837 बहादुर शाह जफर
1857 मुगल वंश समाप्त
(शासन काल-315 वर्ष लगभग )

👉ब्रिटिश राज (वाइसरॉय)
1=1858 लॉर्ड केनिंग
2=1862 लॉर्ड जेम्स ब्रूस एल्गिन
3=1864 लॉर्ड जहॉन लोरेन्श
4=1869 लॉर्ड रिचार्ड मेयो
5=1872 लॉर्ड नोर्थबुक
6=1876 लॉर्ड एडवर्ड लुटेनलॉर्ड
7=1880 लॉर्ड ज्योर्ज रिपन
8=1884 लॉर्ड डफरिन
9=1888 लॉर्ड हन्नी लैंसडोन
10=1894 लॉर्ड विक्टर ब्रूस एल्गिन
11=1899 लॉर्ड ज्योर्ज कर्झन
12=1905 लॉर्ड गिल्बर्ट मिन्टो
13=1910 लॉर्ड चार्ल्स हार्डिंज
14=1916 लॉर्ड फ्रेडरिक सेल्मसफोर्ड
15=1921 लॉर्ड रुक्स आईजेक रिडींग
16=1926 लॉर्ड एडवर्ड इरविन
17=1931 लॉर्ड फ्रिमेन वेलिंग्दन
18=1936 लॉर्ड एलेक्जंद लिन्लिथगो
19=1943 लॉर्ड आर्किबाल्ड वेवेल
20=1947 लॉर्ड माउन्टबेटन
ब्रिटिस राज समाप्त

🇮🇳आजाद भारत,प्राइम मिनिस्टर🇮🇳
1=1947 जवाहरलाल नेहरू
2=1964 गुलजारीलाल नंदा
3=1964 लालबहादुर शास्त्री
4=1966 गुलजारीलाल नंदा
5=1966 इन्दिरा गांधी
6=1977 मोरारजी देसाई
7=1979 चरणसिंह
8=1980 इन्दिरा गांधी
9=1984 राजीव गांधी
10=1989 विश्वनाथ प्रतापसिंह
11=1990 चंद्रशेखर
12=1991 पी.वी.नरसिंह राव
13=अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी
14=1996 ऐच.डी.देवगौड़ा
15=1997 आई.के.गुजराल
16=1998 अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी
17=2004 डॉ.मनमोहनसिंह
18=2014 से नरेन्द्र मोदी

764 सालों बाद मुस्लिमों तथा अंग्रेज़ों के ग़ुलामी से आज़ादी मिली है। ये हिन्दुओं का देश है। यहाँ बहुसंख्यक होते हुए भी हिन्दू अपने ही देश ग़ुलाम बन के रहे और आज लोग कह रहे है। हिन्दू साम्प्रदायिक हो गए ,,,,,,,,.....
सदियों बाद नरेन्द्र मोदी तथा महाराज बाबा योगी आदित्यनाथ जी के रूप में हिन्दू की सरकार आयी है। सभीभारतियों को इनपर गर्व करना चाहिए
Proud to be Hindu

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Have you ever read these Western philosophers

1. Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

"Hindus and Hindutva will one day rule the world, because this is a combination of knowledge and wisdom".

2. Herbert Wells (1846 - 1946):

"Until the effectiveness of Hindutva is restored, how many generations will suffer atrocities and life will be cut off, then one day the entire world will be attracted to it, on that day there will be Dilshad and on that day the world will be inhabited.

3. Albert Einstein (1879-1955):

"I understand that through his intelligence and awareness he did that which the Jews could not do. In Hinduism it is the power that can lead to peace."

4. Huston Smith (1919):

"The faith which is upon us and this is better than us in the world, then it is Hindutva. If we open our hearts and minds for it, then it will be good for us".

5. Michael Nostradamus (1503 - 1566):

"Hindutva will become the ruler religion in Europe, but the famous city of Europe will become the Hindu capital".

6. Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970):

"I read Hinduism and realized that it is for the religion of all the world and all mankind." Hindutva will spread throughout Europe and in Europe, big thinkers of Hinduism will emerge. One day it will come that Hindus will be the real stimulus of the world. ".

7. Gosta Lobon (1841 - 1931):

"Hindus speak of peace and reconciliation. I invite Christians to appreciate the faith of reform."

8. Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950):

"The entire world will accept Hindu religion one day and if it can not even accept the real name it will accept it by name only." West will accept Hindutva one day and Hindu will be the religion of those who have studied in the world ".

9. Johann Geith (1749 - 1832):

"We all have to accept Hinduism now or later and this is the real religion. If I say no to Hindu, I will not feel bad, I accept this right thing."

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