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yoga, home yoga practice, yoga books, forty days of yoga, yoga audio download, yoga community, yoga website, kara-leah grant
yoga, home yoga practice, yoga books, forty days of yoga, yoga audio download, yoga community, yoga website, kara-leah grant


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An insider's look at the Wanderlust experience, from the man who has brought Wanderlust to NZ. What a champion! =
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Register now to secure your place in this amazing sounding 2016 Power Yoga Teacher Training & Immersion with NZ's only certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher.

And here's an inspiring wee snippet from Baron Baptiste on what informs his teaching. I love the emphasis on the power of intuition:

"At the foundation, for me practice is 20 percent mechanics and 80 percent spiritual psychology. As Buddha said, “Everything is mind.” Rigid routines don’t really work well for me. I like fluid practice instead. My style is based on being safe and opening the body from a place that is protecting the joint system.

I do a lot of creative sequencing, and I teach people my philosophy, “To thine own self be true.” You intuitively know what is right. I know in my own life when I doubt my intuition, it gets me in trouble. We all have a teacher within, and if you are really “in the now,” you’ll know when to push, when to surrender, and when to rest."

Baron Baptiste
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A fascinating yama to explore. What would it look like if we relinquished our attachment to all of our 'stuff'? How much lighter could we feel and be?
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Two levels of Positive Neuroplasticity Training (one for professionals and one for everyone) will be happening in Auckland in January 2016. Lucky us!

It's led by Rick Hanson, a guy I'd love to meet. He's a neuropsychologist, best- selling author, Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, and founder of the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom.

Neuroplasticity Training is about taking charge of the structure-building process of your own brain and learning to cultivate lasting positive states of mind and being. Something we could all use a bit more of in our lives...

Bookings can be made here:
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Who are you?

Share your story with our supportive yoga community & inspire and illuminate the lives of others.
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Combining yoga and shadow work is powerful stuff!

Check out K-L's upcoming week-long yoga and shadow work retreat with Ben Ralston in 2016.

K-L says:

"The retreat will be particularly valuable for those people who have been hitting up against the same old issues over and over again. unresolved grief, spates of depression, lingering anxiety, lack of clarity, lack of direction, loss of joy, limiting beliefs or shut-down hearts.

Often we can become very intimate intellectually with our issues and shadows, but despite being able to talk in detail about them, we are not able to shift them once and for all. This retreat will offer tools, techniques and the deep presence required to make these shifts.

It feels like the next natural evolution of the work I am doing, and a way to give people the experience I have had over the last eleven years – that of en-lightening myself through my yoga practice and therapy work."
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"You’re loving yoga and how it makes you feel.

You’re loving going to class and being part of a yoga community.

You’re loving the other people you’re meeting and how open and loving and cool they are.

You especially admire and respect the cool, calm and collected yoga teacher spreading all the good vibes at the front of the room.

A thought arises.

"Teaching yoga would be fun."

The idea develops.

"I’d love to teach yoga."

You start looking up teacher training courses on-line.

Stop right there. Before you go any further and before you commit money and time to a yoga teacher training course, here are the seven best questions to ask first and the answers you’re looking for."
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Summer time is Yoga Teacher Training time in NZ! Here's another one to consider, a Teacher Training with international Tantric Yogini Nianna Bray and local teacher Sandi Murphy held in beautiful Queenstown, NZ.

The curriculum is comprehensive, covering the below topics and more:
- Asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, tantra, mantra and meditation
- Anatomy & alignment
- Elements & Prana Vayus
- Chakra & subtle body system
- Sanskrit for yogis
- Unlock and articulate your voice
- Observing and reading bodies and breath
- Yoga krama & modifications
- Intro to Yin Yoga, Prenatal and Restorative
- Yoga scriptures and texts
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I love this woman. She has been to hell and back and has come out of it an amazing yoga teacher and healer.

Here's Ana Forrest in her own words:

“If you want to use yoga to heal emotional pain, you must find out where it resides in your body and learn to take your breath there. I don’t teach yoga to help people to transcend. I want people’s Spirits to reside in their body. I literally want to help people embody their Spirit, not go through life fragmented.”
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Considering embarking on a Yoga Teacher Training in 2016?

Here is our guide to the incredible range of Teacher Trainings available in NZ, so that you can easily compare what's on offer, and assess how it fits with your needs.

We hope it is both useful and inspiring to you :)
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