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WIFI in Cuba, Lo último  
It never ceases to amaze me that normally "They" in ETECSA do not generate optimal solutions to problems as they are created. I think it is so until the day that managers take answers from engineers, I do not think those engineers remaining in Cuba are unable to generate good solutions yet.

Current problem; WIFI internet access in Cuba is very uncomfortable to people who have to do long queues and still the WIFI cards usually sell out in ETECSA  outlets, (the one which cost 2 CUC for 1 hour of internet access) 
Would be super easy to create a service activation SMS, for example, then send an SMS to a certain Number provided by them, that costs 2 CUC, and it reply with a code (password) to use the WIFI for one hour.
That indeed would cost less than to issue thousands of cards. When competent leaders  will listen to their engineers?, and then do less.?
 blah blah.

Cuba Mobil payment, who thinks ?
Why not? recently ETECSA add a new service to transfer credits from one user to another. The transfer costs $ 0.30 , www.etecsa.cu/?page=inicio&sub=movil_transferencia_de_saldo

This means in practice one person can transfer credits to another as a payment for a service or goods. Can you imagine now, that in avery market hey accept that you pay with this credits, Cuba would then have mobil payment before many other countries, hilarious!!

many greetings!.
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