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The +New York Yankees are riding a three-game winning streak after sweeping their rain-shortened series at Boston. They now head to Arlington for a three-game clash with the Rangers starting tonight at 7:05 pm ET. Series preview:

+1 If you think C.C. Sabathia wins the series opener tonight.
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This is going to be a tough series. If the Yanks play well, they can beat anybody. If the starting pitching is bad, they'll get crushed by Texas' offense.
Without a question. Go highlanders!!
What's the temp going to be tonight in Arlington? CC pitches better in warm weather.
It's suppose to be in the low 70's tonite so, he should do well I hope. 
Even if the Yankees don't do well this series, it doesn't mean the Rangers are better. It just means they were better for this series. Of course, I want the Yanks to go 162-0 and win a championship!
We gonna knock them socks off boston
Right about now I'm worried about the Rangers blowing a lead. 
No pressure here CC...just do your thing with the ptiching and The Yankees will win again. Thank you.
CC can shake & bake a win! Yankees all the way.
World Series belongs at NYC!!
Yankees beat Tampa Bay last night and it was a good game. Yankees will have to continue to be on point to deal with the next series of games; then they need to rest and come back fierce. The pitching should be shared as evenly as possible - it all can not rest on CC shoulders. Mariano Rivera palante con Dios!!
The Yankees won tonight against Seattle - Robi Cano, Raul Ibanez and Andruw Jones hit the homeruns necessary the score 6-2. Working towards the World Series Championship - this is good! Pleasant weekend.
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