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Finally, we are proud to announce: Xubuntu 12.04 LTS is released!
Download links (i386 & amd64 - please, prefer torrent if possible) :
This is Xubuntu's first Long Term Support release and it will be supported for 3 (three) years.

It includes the latest software and updates - and 6 months of Xubuntu Team's efforts to make this officially recognized Xfce flavor of Ubuntu as good as you would expect from an LTS release.

Xubuntu is made for community, by community - and therefore:
Thank You to the entire community!

- For more info, visit:
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+David O'Neill I will mention you in a new comment and update this post above).
Will you make build xfce 4.10 (release) for Xubuntu 12.04??? Or some remix??
+Pavel Rudensky - PPA with Xfce 4.10 final release should be available for Xubuntu 12.04
"Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker."
+Miklós Balázs - hmmm... it's working for me (amd64 desktop torrent) - just give it a minute or two to start...
Almost 10 minutes given. Still the same error. I get some peers from DHT meanwhile but Transmission (2.42) stops the download all the time. I guess I'll just go trackerless. If anybody would have the same problem: 10da9b05629bcf0fae2e60b6592a3cb259072b5c :)
I had problems with the torrent so I'm downloading the ISO (slowly!!)
Let me be more specific ... the i386 torrent worked fine. the 64 bit torrent from the link does not
+Robert Partridge - as Elizabeth suggested - try cdimage link (see above - that's the link I posted)
Also note, we spoke to the core release folks (they handle all the releases of Ubuntu and the flavors) and they're looking into the "Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker." error if you're getting that, the torrent should still work even with the error.
I am downloading the ISO from the cdimage link - the torrent link there would not work
Same here. Trackerless it works fine. How about providing magnet links on the download page?
hmmm... if it works for me, it should work for you as well... maybe it's transmission version - I'm using 2.51 ; I don't know what to say... I hope they fix these things soon...
If I'm not mistaken - this is the first Xubuntu release with LTS. Ubuntu has now moved from 3 years to 5 years.
Xubuntu has always done a 3 year LTS. The 5 year LTS is new for this release for Ubuntu and flavors that wish to support it. As a completely community and volunteer-driven effort the Xubuntu team doesn't have the resources to support for 5 years, so we selected the old 3 year LTS option.
It it available via Wubi? I'm a bit short on drive space so I'd like to try it just on wubi for now
Because I didn't want to go through reinstalling my apps and setting everything up again I did the dist-upgrade to 12.04. Aside from a few app crashes (nothing major) everything seems to have gone swimmingly ... except one thing. It seems that the main menu item for the Startup Apps Manager is gone now. I'd gladly create a new menu item for it if I could find how to launch it from command line. Google hasn't been much help here.
Anyone have any idea why my screenlets are reporting app crashes on login? They still function fine but it's annoying.
Power management really improved compared to 11.04 I was using before. 12.04 is going to be my default release for as long as it's supported. Keep up the good work guys. I'll go and see if I can send you a few $$ to support you, even if a little.

Ok, where the heck is DONATE button??

Guess there's no way to support Xubuntu directly so I went and send $10 to Thunar project. I want it better :)
Yes, it does. You install nVidia drivers through "Additional drivers" found in Settings. I have GeForce 310M in my laptop. Works great.
Ah, but of course it will. Select the driver you want from the list below (I suggest the recommended one) and click Enable. It will download nVidia's proprietary driver and install it. Reboot is necessary.
Two questions:

(1) How is the transition to Xfce 4.10 handled? Is it going to be done with a "dist-upgrade"?

(2) I would like to run a 64-bit version of the OS. Which ISO should I download?

+Robert Partridge - that's why fresh install is always recommended over upgrade - upgrade will probably be flawless, but something always can go wrong. Never had any of those issues myself, but if I find any solution I'll let you know (can't promise anything). oh, and you can always join our main IRC channel for support (see "About" section of this G+ page for more info - it's very easy to ask questions, but may take some time to get answers)... Edit: read post by +Elizabeth Krumbach below. As for this post: I was trying to say- it's "recommended" over upgrade if you really need to avoid any possible problems (upgrade should generally work just fine) - guess I could have been more "precise" :)
I actually just started a fresh install as much as I didn't want to. Thanks though!
I wouldn't say "fresh install is always recommended," upgrades are supported and that's what most people do (I've been upgrading my Xubuntu system for every release since Lucid, when I bought this new harddrive). Now if you make a lot of unusual customizations you may find that things break because they may not have been tested by the release team, but a bug report can be submitted for it so we can see about testing it next time :)
I run with an empty hidden panel, AWN, compiz, and screenlets. Does this count as unusual customizations?
I find that compiz changes so much that it breaks if you look at it funny ;) I don't know that I'd call it "unusual" but it's not one of the core things supported in Xubuntu supports so you may have to do some tweaking post-upgrade to fix things up.
Only reason I use it is for the widget layer. I love that feature! It works so well with my work flow / usage style.
So I did a fresh install - haven't installed Compiz yet. Noticing I'm having problems with some AWN applets written in Python. I find this interesting because the screenlets that I was having issues with were also written with Python. Coincidence? Hmm...
Upgraded. As a result tux-commander doesn't want to be launched.
Will Xubuntu 12.04 apply the final 4.10 of XFCE in a future update?
No, we don't do major software bumps after release, just security and major bug fixes. But the plan is to have 4.10 in 12.10 and someone may create a backported PPA for 4.10 that runs in 12.04.
Will there be a repository we will be able to get a package from?
Nevermind - somehow missed the part of your response where you mentioned the backport PPA
Please, I need an ppa to install xfce 4.10 into xubuntu 12.04. Where can I find it?
Is there a mailing list I can sign up for to be notified when the ppa is ready?
+Francisco Javier del Águila +Brian Williams - currently there is no PPA for Xfce 4.10 final, but... should be available after some time... you will be notified here when it' ready - there is no specific date (for more info, read new post above...)
+Gustavo Rybarczyk - you would be surprised to know how much similar questions/requests are made. Some people want (even demand:) Xubuntu to look more like windows, others more like mac, others dislike default theme, wallpaper etc. It's best for Xubuntu be itself and everyone can tweak it to their liking :). As for looking more like Ubuntu and your screenshot - I might replicate that look on my laptop :)
This is exactly why I continue to use Xubuntu is because I can customize it to the way that I want to use them. I started using it because it ran leaner than other versions but the freedom to customize to the way I want things is what keeps me here.
I know what I'll be doing tomorrow night. Backing up data and do a fresh Xubuntu 12.04 install :)
Hey... I don't know what it is, but I feel 12.04 really working extremely good... A lot of fluidity in the works!
Backing up data at this moment...boy oh boy how exciting. Can't wait to install my favorite *buntu Flavor.
This is part of why I use multiple drives - one for /home - one for my main file store (i mount as /storage) and one for the system itself. Makes "blowing things up" so much safer ;)
Thanks guys! You make my day on my netbook :-)
Curious if there will be a 12.04.1 release with bug fixes?
Helloooooooo, I'm typing this from my freshly installed Xubuntu 12.04 system! I like it. Works more fluidly than ever. Re-branding rocks. Good job guys, really love this release. Thumps ups!
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