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Shawna on the Radio features Dr. Cali Estes! 
Hear The Addictions Coach discuss Celebrities & Professional Sports Players and getting them into treatment.  You won't want to miss this!! 

Granite Coast Radio - Airing Friday at 5pmET
Pop Source Radio 107.3FM - Airing Sunday at 7amET
PowerMix FM (UK) - Airing Wednesday 4pmET
RTI-FM (UK) - Airing Saturday 6amET
SWORD Radio (UK) - Airing Monday 7amET

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Why is it not pronounced "Wed_Ness_Day"?  I before E except after who the hell cares? Great thing about spinning the best indie rock on the planet is you don't have worry about speling more betterer. Big news for you sports fans. Next Wed ness day we are trying a new show called "The Mad Talk Radio Show" with Chaz, Bushman and Alyssa hosting a LIVE call in talk format. It's a no holds barred verbal shootout for those passionate about sports of all kinds. Even curling. This will take the place of ZipCodeZero on Wed. nights only. More details as we work out the techno stuff. Tonight's stories include taking one for the team, an air conditioned outdoor theater and police meet zombies! Yikes!

ZipCodeZero - Monday thru Thursday  7-9pm central
The Underground Sound - Mon, Wed, & Sat  9 - 11pm central
Iowa Music Showcase - Tuesdays and Thursdays 10pm central
Vittek Tape - new show every midnight!
Shawna On The Radio - Tuesday 9-10pm central
Call In! 712-454-7607 (outside U.S.- charges may apply)

College Radio Day is coming soon. Watch for information about the biggest event in College Radio

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Almost the end of the semester. Graduation is coming soon
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