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Delivering beautiful new experiences at pace and scale

What a week it's been! Have you been keeping up with all of the updates that were added? This wrap up blog takes you through them all and gives some insights into the effort that has gone into one of our biggest releases ever.  #xerospeed #morexero ^JD
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Xero how to: Manage a loan or mortgage

You to manage your loans or mortgage in two ways - via a bank account, or non-current liability account.

First option is to set up a loan or mortgage as a bank account. This tutorial will show you how to:
- enter opening balances in conversion balances
- transfer between loan account and bank account to manage payments
- setup a bank rule to account for interest
- create spend money transaction to account for fees
Second option is to set up a loan or mortgage as a non-current liability account. This tutorial will show you how to: 
- set up a new non-current liability account in chart of accounts
- set up bank rules for payments
- split spend money transaction to handle interest and principle payments. ^OG
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Xero Files - now working side-by-side

View and enter files in Xero side by side - improving accuracy and workflow. Find out more: #xerospeed ^JD
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Making it easy to add your bills on xero. Upload, create, pay..easy!
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Survey report: what's impacting small business finances?

A tax-time look at the relationships between U.S. small businesses and accountants, and their attitudes to business finances. Read the full 'Xero to Sixty' 2015 report here: ^OG
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Exercising for problem solving & stress relief 

One of our developers at Xero also runs a fitness and productivity website and interviewed our CEO recently about his exercise habits. ^OG
Xero CEO Rody Drury & developer Jordan Hornblow know exercise is essential to keep your mind active & promote stress relief. Get their tips!
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Great advice Jordan and +Rod Drury  , especially for us #Xero  babyboomers.  Sure could use more of those endorphins -:)
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Farming - embracing the winds of change

Xero's Rural Strategy Manager talks to farmers about the importance of embracing changes in technology and keeping up with the times: ^JD
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Have them in circles
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Next generation client reporting is here

Keeping that momentum going, we also released a massive upgrade to our Practice Reports today! These improvements make report template creation really easy for our Accountant & Bookkeeping Partners.
At this stage it's just available in NZ but we'll be rolling it out elsewhere soon! #xerospeed ^JD
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Enhanced Inventory in Xero is here!

Today we’re thrilled to announce enhanced Inventory to easily track the quantity and value of the products you buy and sell.Take an in depth look: #xerospeed ^JD
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+Marcin Lachner  Our inventory solution is a robust basic inventory management system that goes hand in hand with the required accounting, so for more complex requirements like location tracking, Bills of Materials etc there is still definitely a place for our great add-on partners. ^OG
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Hear from Xero customers:

Find out how designer Alissia from byAMT and her bookkeeper work together using Xero and Square to keep on top of the design studio's finances. ^OG
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Tax season in the US: we found some strange write-off attempts:

Fifty shades of tax write-offs - there certainly are some weird attempts ... ask your accountant what's allowed! ^OG
What’s the weirdest thing you think someone might try to write-off in their taxes? Dogs? Cats? Donkeys? Adult, ahem, entertainment items? The list is long and distinguished, according to a survey we just conducted of small business owners and accountants. The results are part of our brand new Xero to Sixty Report, a look at …
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Xero how to: Manage your contacts

Learn how to:
- Add a contact while entering sales invoice or purchase bill
- Edit contact address from saved invoice.
- Set up contact from contact tab
- Edit contact details from contacts page
- Look at contacts who are both customer and supplier
- add a discount and currency default on contact
- Add bank account details & invoice branding to contact
- Merge duplicate contacts

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How to build your advisory services 

Is new technology making common tasks like bookkeeping and tax so efficient that your billable hours are decreasing? Do you want to offer new, higher-value services that can help you recoup revenue and retain clients? We asked Gary Boomer, CEO of +Boomer Consulting, Inc. and one of Accounting Today’s 100 Most Influential People in Accounting, how firms can effectively introduce and build advisory services. #accounting   #bookkeeping   ^OG
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Beautiful Accounting Software
Xero is beautiful online accounting software for small businesses and their advisors. Designed to be fun and easy to use as well as making key business information accessible in real-time for better decision making. Collaborate with your financial advisors and save precious time with automated bank feeds and real-time reports. Choose from hundreds of Xero add-on partners to build the cloud platform you need to run your business.

Posting and answering your questions here on G+: Catherine (Orange Girl) ^OG & Jules ^JD
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