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Careful what you flash on your Samsung Galaxy S II or Galaxy Note...
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It's this only for devices conning from gingerbread to ice cream sandwich. Should I worry about my galaxy nexus?
Sav Ly
I flashed the official German ICS no probs so far. I was under the impression ppl were bricking from flashing leaks and betas and then rooting them
In the Cyanogenmod9 thread for the Galaxy Note, there is a hardbrick at least every day. Although there is a warning in the OP and multiple stickies on the forums. I hope this article on the front page of xda will help some flash addicts.
But, flashing is always a risky business. People who don't read everything before flashing are playing rusian roulette with their phone.
Just flashed Bricker ROM on my i777 lol
+Sav Ly, just make sure never to do a factory reset on the official LPY. Not even via the 'normal' settings...
Sav Ly
Thanks for that Eric Alberts
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