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PHP shopping cart software and eCommerce solutions
PHP shopping cart software and eCommerce solutions

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Your business is growing so you should definitely consider #Etsy to expand your sales channels.

Why? There are over 33,6 mln active users on Etsy. And 95% of them are active shoppers ready to spend lo-o-o-o-o-ts of money on handmade items. There are your potential customers, too.

Check out our guide for beginners to learn everything you might need and start selling your items on Etsy today:

#ecommerce #saleschannel #products
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An engaging piece of content from +ConvertKit about tangible, hold-it-in-your-hands, feel-the-weight-of-it, and put-in-on-your-mantle kind of physical products and about the way you can sell them on your blog:

#convertkit #tangible #products #blog

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If you are not sure whether it’s yours to sell on Amazon or not, that’s okay. New is always a bit scary. To remove all your doubts, we've created an ultimate guide to selling on Amazon.

P.S. It’s a 10 minutes read, so before we move forward, do some quick neck & back exercises.

Feel refreshed? Go:…/how-to-sell-on-amazon.html

#amazon #sellonline #ecommerce

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Here's an in-depth article from NerdWallet​ about the ways to make money selling stuff online -- from choosing the venue to promoting your #eCommerce business:

#xcart #nerdwallet #sellonline #sellingonline

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“I hate making cold calls and send emails that go straight into customer’s SPAM boxes”
“I feel uneasy standing in front of an audience”
"OMG! How on earth should I promote that freaking pen??"

It’s not uncommon to hear these "horrible" words from business owners.

But who said that selling online is THAT PAINFUL? It’s not.

We will try to prove it in the 2nd chapter of our ‘How to sell online’ guide:

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The very first chapter of our ‘How to sell online’ guide is about choosing a product.

Not just any product. But the one that sells like hot chocolate cakes. There are 11 simple ideas that you can use right away:

And even if you’ve been selling online for over a decade and know what is what, you will also find lots of value there. The first and the last paragraphs are right for you. The rest can be safely skipped.

#howtosell #sellingonline #ecommerce #product

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Launching a product from scratch can be a really tedious process. +Dave Gerhardt from Drift will show you how to do it in 7 simple steps.

Here's the link to his article:

#drift #xcart #productlaunch #ecommerce

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A success​ story about a group of enthusiasts who turned their passion for snow and water into a flourishing eCommerce store.

We’ve met with one of the owners of the store, Leanne Garske, to ask her how they did it:

#sellonline #xcart #ecommerce #successstory +Wilderness Sea & Ski

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A read-worthy article by Chris Barling, an eCommerce expert and the chairman of @sellerdeck. Chris loves to help small businesses take advantage of new technology. And he has written this article to help you, too:

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Where do you think your best content should reside?

Our marketing manager Ksenia knows the answer. And the readers of SEMrush digital marketing blog also do.

See the proof:
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