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The ones arguing against using filters in commentary don't understand the potential we have to make our scene grow into something bigger and better. If we truly desire to increase the accessibility of our community, not only should we try to appeal to newcomers, we should strive to avoid alienating groups by using potentially offensive speech. Finding a derogatory term inoffensive to you shouldn't matter, that's plain selfish. We need to be more more considerate of others and stop perpetuating in this respect. Potential sponsors don't want to see their brand associated with a person who shows no regard for things like racial slurs, rape, and other derogatory terms. If you want more people to join the scene and smash to blow up into a big esport please understand why this is should be taken seriously. Playing devil's advocate and debating slippery slopes doesn't cut it in the business world. It's either we follow the rules, or stay stuck in the grassroots vortex for life.
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