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The free, open source, native cross-platform GUI toolkit.
The free, open source, native cross-platform GUI toolkit.

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Google Summer of Code 2014 wrapped up back on August 25th, and we're pleased to announce that all six of our students passed their evaluations! We wanted to share the results of these projects today.

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The wxWidgets project has been accepted for participation in Google Summer of Code 2014 program which allows students to work on open source projects during the summer and be paid for it. We propose a number of project ideas this summer but are also open to other suggestions, please see our GSoC page for more information about this program.

This is a great opportunity both for the students and wxWidgets and we hope to see many applications this year. Please help to spread the word and encourage any motivated students you know to apply (or apply yourself if you can, of course)!

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We're proud to announce a fresh new look for the official wxWidgets
website for the first time in nearly 8 years!

Some of the highlights include:

- Responsive design making the website available to mobile devices.
- Utilizes Bootstrap [1] for easy skinning.
- Now built on Jekyll [2] replacing PyMeld.
- Allows for comments on news posts (let us know what you think!)
- Most content is authored in Markdown [3] format.
- Updates to the site can now be submitted to the GitHub repo [4]

We've refreshed and reorganized content on many pages throughout the
entire website, so be sure to really explore.

For those familiar with Bootstrap, you might notice that we're still
using the default styles. If you know a talented web designer, we'd
still love to see some new styles that would really make the site
unique. We're even managing all site styles using LESS [5]. We're
pretty pleased with how much better it looks already though (and
obviously enough to launch the new website as-is).


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Second and, hopefully, last release candidate of wxWidgets 3.0 has been released. We are tentatively planning on releasing the final 3.0.0 version around November 10th, so be sure to get in as much testing on this release as you can before then.

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Andreas Stenmark has started a very ambitious new port of wxWidgets to AmigaOS. While most developers would ask "why?", Andreas will be sharing the entire experience for everyone here, and it should shed some great insights into the process of creating a new wxWidgets port regardless of how useful it ends up being.

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