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EHV Cable Production Achieved Initial Success

May 15, 2014, the company held ceremonies to celebrate the successful trial production of the 500kv extra high voltage cable production line in EHV cables plant. The town Party committee secretary Chen, chairman of Rui Fubin, government leaders and others all walks of life attended the ceremony.

The city’s key projects with a total investment of 350 million, by Germany, Finland and other imported equipment, put into production a one-time success in November 2013. After launching the project on May in 2009, the management of company focus on the project progress and construction quality. A lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources which are paid, make the project carry out all the time.

The 500kv tower production line pilot run successfully, marks the company’s first phase of the ultrahigh pressure cable project has been accomplished. The company will use the talent, technology, capital, equipment, and other advantages, realize the sustainable development of the company.

This success is not only the EHV cable projects achieved initial results, has made a contribution for the transformation of local cable industry and getting into international high-end market.

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What is the Electrical Cable?

Electrical Cable will be made of one or multi-core insulated core and sheath.Also we can add the protection layer over the insulated core. Electrical Cable's Size is much more big,Construction is much more complex,this is the main different from normal wire.

1. Electrical Cable Insulated Core: Made of Aluminium(AL) Or Copper(CU). The Insulated core can be made of one conductor or stranded by more conductor.
2. Electrical Cable Insulation layer: Cable's insulation must have the higher insulation resistance,higher electric field strength,low dielectric loss and low dielectric constant.The Common Material Of Insulation-PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride),PE(Polyehylene),XLPE(Cross Linked Polyethylene),RUBBER,etc.
3. Electrical Cable Sheath: PVC,PE,Rubber,Lead,etc. Function is protect the insulated core from mechanical damage/wet/chemicals/light and other kinds of damage.
4. Electrical Cable Protection Layer: Common Material-Galvanized Steel Tape,Steel Wire,Copper Tape,Copper Wire will be used at Armoured Layer wrapping at the inner sheath.Also the Armoured Layer have the function of electric-field screening and electromagentic wave interference.
5. Electrical Cable Outer Sheath: Common Material-PVC,PE,Rubber,LSZH. For protect the protection layer(like Steel Tape,Steel Wire,etc.) from corrosion and damage,we will use the extruded PE,PVC,Rubber be the outer sheath.

Compare with the overhead cable, Underground Power Cable's advantage is small insulation distance between insulated core,small occupation space(do not occupy the air space), will not be polluted by ambient environment,Reliable power transmission,safe to people and environment.

Disadvantage of underground power cable: cost is high,the cable installation and the check will be troublesome.

So the Electrical power cable mostly will be used at populars place and heavy traffic place.And also when we conside the clean and tidy,we can use the underground power cable.If we want to transmit electric power through the river or ocean,we can use the power cable.

If you want to know more about electrical power cable,or wanna ask the package and price,please contact whatsapp:+86-13771376830 Or Contact Public

We have the colleague can send this message to our salesman.

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What is the Electrical Wire?

1. Wire is consist of Single Wire or Numbers of Wire,Coated with light and flexible layer.There are solid and stranded wire or with the braiding layer and etc.

Divided into bare wire and insulated wire accoring to the insulated status.

2. Bare Wire do not contain any insulation layer and protective layer.
Function:Except that the electric power transmission and singnal transmission,Also can be used at accessary of the electric equipment and connecting wire.

Bare Wire also will be manufactured by Copper,Aluminum,Copper Alloy,Aluminum Alloy,Copper Clad Steel and etc.

3. Insulated Wire,According to the application can be divided into electromagnetic wire and General Insulated Wire.
General Insulated Wire: PVC Insulated Wire,Rubber Insulated Wire

Jiangnan Cable can provide the Hook Up Wire/Household Wire/Home Wire Belows:

450/750V 70℃
Rigid One Layer Insulated Electrical Wire- IEC01(BV)
Rigid One Layer Insulated Flexible Electrical Wire IEC02(RV)

300/500V 70℃
Rigid One Layer Insulated Electrical Wire- IEC05(BV)
Rigid One Layer Insulated Flexible Electrical Wire IEC06(RV)

300/500V 90℃ One Layer Insulated
Rigid One Layer Insulated Electrical Wire- IEC07(BV-90)
Rigid One Layer Insulated Flexible Electrical Wire IEC08(RV-90)

300/500V Or 300/300V 90℃ Two Layer Insulated Flexible Electrical Wire

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What is the different between wire and cable?

There is no strict boundary about the wire and cable in concept.In a narrow sense is divided into "wire" and "cable",In a broad sense is "Cable" .

It is generally accepted that:
1. Single Cord called Wire;Numbers of cord is Cable.
2. Small Diameter called Wire;Large Diameter called Cable
3. Simple Construction is Wire; Complex Construction is Cable

People will defined the household wire ask "Wire";Defined the power cable is "Cable".

* Jiangnan Cable can make Building Wire,Hook Up Wire,Household Cable, For Example: H05V-U,H05V-K,H05V-R,H07V-U,H07V-K,H07V-R,H05VV-F,IEC01,IEC02,IEC05,IEC06,IEC07,IEC08.

We can make the hook up wire as per different standard,IEC Standard,BS Standard,VDE Standard,etc.

If you want to know more about wire and cable,or wanna ask the package and price,please contact whatsapp:+86-13771376830 Or Contact Public

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Jiangnan Cable Get the TUV Certificate

PV Cable(Solar Cable/Photovoltaic Cable)-Cable For Photovoltaic Systems

At 2011-05-05

Type: PV1-F 

Numbers Of Cores: Single

C.S.A(Cross-Sectional-Area): 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2, 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2, 

Rated Voltage: AC Uo/U 0.6/1KV

Ambient Temperature: -40℃ to+90℃

Max.Temperature at Conductor: 120℃
Conductor Material: Tinned Copper Wire(Purity Of Copper 99.99%)

Class Of Conductor: Class 5 Of IEC 60228

Material Of Insulation: Halogen Free Crosslinked Polyolefin 

Colour: Black

Material Of Sheath: Halogen Free Crosslinked Polyolefin 

Colour: Black 

If you want to know more about this cable,or wanna ask the package and price,please contact whatsapp:+86-13771376830 Or Contact Public

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Know more about Solar Cable,Please see our website:
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Jiangnan Cable Get the Low Voltage XLPE Armoured PVC or LSZH(Low Smoke Zero Halogen)Power Cable TUV Certificate At 2015-06-07. 

Product Type:0.6/1KV CU/XLPE/STA/PVC And 0.6/1KV CU/XLPE/STA/ST8 ZHLS(Zero Halogen Low Smoke)

Product Specification:3 Core,3+1Core,4Core,4+1Core
Cable Size:16-120mm2
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What's The EV Cable and it's Advantage?

With the electric car has gradually become the representative of the new energy vehicles,with the requirements of the cable of the electric car charging point are also growing.

Wuxi Jiangnan Cable Co.,Ltd. is succeed in producing the Electric Vehicile Charing Cable,and pass the TUV Certificate Of Standard 2PFG 1908.

Jiangnan Cable Pass the TUV Certificate Of EV Cable at 2015-05-27

EV Cable's Application
Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment ; Cable For Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging Systems

EV Cable's Chracteristic

1. Excellent Flexible,
2. Good Tear Resistance,
3. Cold Resistant,
4. Wear-Resistant,
5. Oil Proof,
6. Acid and Alkali Resistant,
7. Water Tolerant,
8. UV Resistant,
9. Vehicular Pressure Resistant,
10. Bending Resistant

What is the Construction Details  Of EV Cable?
Type: EV07EE-H
Ambient Temperature: -25℃ to +50℃
Material Of Conductor: Plain Copper Wire,Class 6 Of EN60228
Material Insulation: TPE 5001
Material Of Covering Sheath: TPE 5203
Screen Of Signal And Control Core: Color is Orange
Material Of Metal Screen Over Signal And Control Core: Plain Copper Wire
Material Of Sheath: TPE 5203
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What happens if the insulation thickness of the cable is not accomplished with the cable standard?

1. Decrease The Usage Of The Cable

Why will it happen?

- After a long time operation of the cable,especially the buried directly, into the water,exposed in the air or the corrosion environment,
- The thinnest point's insulation level and mechanical level  of the sheath would be go down because of the long time corrosion by the outside things.
- Routine Test Of the sheath or Circuit Ground Connection Breakdown,The thinnest point maybe breakdown.

Thus, the protective effect of the cable sheath will be lost.

Except that,Internal Consume of the cable also can not be ignored,long time electrify status will make much more heat,it also will break the conductor and sheath.

Why? Because Conductor Permitted Operation Temperature is 70℃ ,Longtime working temperature should not be over 65℃

2. Increase The Difficulty Of Cable Laying

If the thickness of sheath is too big,it will increases the difficulty of the cable laying.
Why? Because with the development of the global industry, High Voltage Electrical Cable must keep the diameter small as per more and more environmental requirement.  It should be left space or gaps on the process of cable laying,then the heat of the cable will be sent out.

So that the sheath thickness should be comply with relatated Standard,otherwise the sheath can not have the production function of cable.

According to the simple analysis above, we can learn that the quality of the cable  is good or bad, the first important characteristic is the appearance of the cable, no matter which cable, on the process of the production and appearance of the cable must be pay attention to. By the strict quality control and inspection.

Sheath is the appearance of the cable,the requirement of the cable's appearance is

- Smooth and Round
- Gloss uniformity
- Wire Core Centered
- No Mechanical damage
- No Flattening
- Without the sundaries,bubble, sand hole, obvious granule and so on

As all we known, the function of the cable sheath is protect the insulated cores from damage under the action of external force.If the cable sheath thinnest point can not reach the requirement of the standard,the sheath will be broke easily.

Summary: Only  by operate the cable production equipment carefully, control the sheath thickness as per the cable standard,then the best quality cable can be provided.

and that ,this also can help our factory save the resource and raw material,also can increasing the returns.

Jiangnan Cable Focus on Wire and Cable More than 30 Years

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Why Cable Need To Be Stranded? 

1. What is the stranded conductor wire?

Different Size & Different Numbers of the copper wire should be stranded together in a sorted order and lay of twisted conductos,then result in a big size conductor.

2. Four Advantage Of Stranded Conductor Wire

This kind of stranded conductor will be more flexible than the same size of solid conductor.
Stranded Conductor electrical wire have the better bending performance,
Stranded Conductor it is not easy to broke when swing test
Stranded Conductor can be widely used in flexible electrical wire and cable.
3. The Function Of Electrical Performance Aspect
QuestionWhen the conductor have the electricity power,because of the resistance will consume the electric energy,the conductor will be heat,with the temperature increasing,it will have the bad influence on Insulation Layer and Covering Layer Material Performance Usage Time.

How to solve this problem?

To make the cable can running high-efficiently,so we need enlarge the size of the conductor,but big cross section areais not easy to bend,poor flexibility,not good for transportation and installation.So we need twisted together numbers of wires,then the problem can be solved.

Jiangnan Cable provide the TUV Certificate H07V-R Household electrical wire.

know more about our company and product.Send us email:

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Why Power Cable Need The Armoured Layer ?

1.What is Armoured Cable?
Armoured Cable or Metal Clad Cable it means the cable has the construction Metal Material Armoured Covering Layer,

2.What it the Advantage Of The Armoured Cable ?
Except that enhance the Tensile Strengthen and Compressive Strength and other mechanical production function for expand the service life.
Also The Armoured Covering Layer also can improve the anti-jamming performance by the metal shield protection coating.

3. What are the Armoured Layer Material ?
Frequently-used Armoured Layer: Steel Tape, Steel Wire, Aluminium Tape,Aluminium Wire,of which Steel Tape Armoured and Steel Wire Armoured is better than other in some aspects:

* High permeability,
* Good magnetic shielding effect,
* Anti Low-frequency disturb
* Buried directly at the earth and do not need to make it pass the pipe line

Jiangnan Cable provide the TUV Certificate XLPE Insulation Steel Wire Armoured PVC Sheath Low Voltage Power Cable.
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