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#NuclearPower is a necessary component of a #CleanEnergy program. #ClimateChange #Uranium #Thorium #Renewables 

//The general message to European countries planning new build nuclear projects – these include Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Romania, Slovakia and the UK – is to commit to the technology and to protect the projects from being de-railed by anti-nuclear sentiment. One has only to look at Germany for the stark reality of saying no to nuclear – rising or flat carbon emissions, increased dependency on imported gas and a renewables revolution that is out of control. If Europe is serious about its climate change commitments, it simply cannot afford for new build nuclear projects to falter.//

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Canada's #Nuclear future.

//Canada’s own new SMR company, Terrestrial Energy Inc. (TEI), has a new small modular Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR) design that is ideal for this future, that is, a nuclear reactor that:

– is cheaper than coal and can last for decades longer
– is a 400 MWt (190 MWe) modular design, one able to be adapted to needs for both on and off-grid heat and power
– is small and modular enough to allow simple construction in under 4 years, and trucking of modules to the site
– operates at normal pressures, removing those safety issues, and at higher temperatures, providing more energy for the same amount of fuel
– it does not require water for cooling and has the type of passive safety systems that make it walk-away safe
– can load-follow rapidly to buffer the intermittency of renewables
– generates less waste that is also more easily managed//

#ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #CleanEnergy #NuclearPower #Renewables #msr

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#Crowder embarrasses himself again misrepresenting #ClimateScience and gets called out, yet again, by #PeterHadfield. You'd think Crowder would learn to fact check before posting, but I don't think Crowder really cares about facts.

#ClimateChange #LouderWithCrowder #Pothler54

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#Nuclear powered ion engines? Yes!


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#PeterHadfield once again corrects #StevenCrowder on Steven's misconceptions on #ClimateChange. 

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What #Thorium and #MoltenSaltReactors could mean for #NuclearPower and #CleanEnergy.

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How #NuclearEnergy can play an instrumental role in saving the #environment, fighting #ClimateChange and ensuring #energyprosperity for all.

#CleanEnergy #Thorium #Uranium

So I'm sipping my morning cupid coffee when I start thinking, "That's odd, my coffee smells like dog."

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This was just posted to YouTube. 
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