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It's cheaper and thinner than a MacBook. How do you think Google's new Chromebook Pixel compares?
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Chrome books are great depending on the user's needs but I'm not sure I would buy one at this price point.
According to those specs alone, I would still go with Apple all the way.
Using Google Apps for Business for everyday business I`d go for chromebook instead of Mac&Chromebrowser.
If I can use AutoCAD viewer, acrobat viewer, and Photoshop I am good to go with the #pixel 
F... off ! With 900$ I buy an
 ACER S7-191-53314G12ass, 11.6" Multi-touch FHD Acer CineCrystal LCD, Intel Core i5-3317U, UMA, 4GB DDR 3 1333Mhz, 128GB SSD, Micro SD card reader, Acer Nplify 802.11a/g/n + BT 4.0, HD webcam, 4-cell Li-Polymer, Windows 8 64-bit, Aluminum .... etc, in Romania. :))))
And I can instal anithing I want, from Linux to Chrome.
Sure, love the Chromebook I have for $249. I still use my MacBookPro Retina, with 16GB memory, 256 SSD, etc... and I can still run Chrome on there... MacBook vs Chromebook? Depends on what I use it for...
If I didn't have a relatively new Macbook Pro I would go with the Pixel 
Now, if the PIxel were even cheaper, like $800 or so, I would consider it over the MacBook Pro. 
+Tim Morley I thought the same thing but I think they are trying to compare the "Retina" capability.
I prefer the Chromebook but it's by far more expensive than expected...
+Xanti Novas YEs, it is too expensive. Might as well go for the Macbook Pro at that price.
+Mason Rothman, who would need retina to "just" surf the web? A MacBook Air is designed for this particular type of user.
I'll take the Pixel anyday over the Mac book.
Tie goes to the Pixel, but they are both overpriced IMHO.
I will never understand the fascination with the idea of having a touch screen on a laptop/desktop computer. I don't know anyone that uses their touch-screen smartphone/tablet in an upright position (unless it's docked). There is nothing remotely intuitive or comforting about having to press "forward" rather than "downward" when using a touch interface.

Of course, that is beyond the point, when you are spending $1300 on an admittedly pretty shell that is essentially a browser you can install for free on your current computer. 

That's not to say the shell is meaningless. I've spent what seems a lifetime waiting for the PC industry to make hardware that aesthetically stands up without ever seeing it happen (about the only reason I'd ever buy a Macbook is that now you can install Windows on them, because while I think OS X is like a Fisher Price toy in terms of functionality, the hardware is so far beyond what the rest of the PC industry does it's sad).

So, I applaud Google for not cheaping out on the shell. And, perhaps one day the Chrome OS will be able to functionally do more than the Chrome browser, but until that day happens, as much as I like the idea of getting rid of poorly built laptop shells, I have to believe it shouldn't cost $1300 to do so. If it does, it's a remarkable failure in modern manufacturing. 

That said, I'm excited to see where Google goes from here in hardware. They're in the relatively unique position of not having to derive much, if any, profits from future hardware devices, which if they were the Microsoft everyone once feared and hated, they'd use to dominate the hardware system. I've often felt that the rest of the tech industry is incredibly lucky that there isn't a strong hand at the helm of Google, as their spaztastic and incredibly fragmented approach to business keeps them so far from their potential. A laser-focused Google would be terrifying (from a competitor's point of view; I would love it, as a consumer).
+Andrew Honma have you ever actually tried it?  I just bought a Surface Pro with Windows 8, and I have to say having the option of using a touchscreen really does enhance the experience.  Much easier to swipe up and down to scroll through a document or web page than it is with any other input device.  Same with zooming in and out of documents or moving around maps, moving through a Flipboard-style news app, etc. 

It's not a revolution, but it's useful.
Way too expensive for the hardware compared to MacBook. 
a computer without an enterprise capable OS should not exceed 1000, no matter the hardware.

Unless it's ready for or comes with a DAW or Compositing suite, i don't really think any computer should.
I think with this specifications I dont worth it the chrome book, sorry
+Fil oldWn so what, just a schema to make money everlasting past 2 years on customers, 100MB LTE is a joke. Long live WiFi and there are plenty locations. I can wait until I am in one. I don't need instant gratification.  
so what I'm reading here is the MBP has a marginally larger screen, much more storage, twice the RAM, and two hours more battery usage than the Chromebook. sounds to me like a full-fleshed Apple win in this head-to-head. next victim please.
Google Pros: LTE, 1TB cloud storage, Touchscreen display, 0.25lbs lighter, 0.11" thinner, $200 cheaper; Apple Pros: Full OS, 0.45" larger screen, 96GB more storage, 4GB more RAM, 2hrs longer battery. 
I couldn't work out from the spec whether or not the pixel has a better display than the retina mbp? Anyhow they aren't really a head to head comparison are they? Wouldn't the Macbook Air be more of what the Pixel is supposed to be as far as price and use go?
What happens to the 1 TB of free Google Drive after the 3 yrs is up? I guess you start paying for it or otherwise you'll lose access to your files right?
Chromebook's dpi is better, the screen is a touchscreen, has 1tb of cloud storage. The specs picked were quite biased. Not even saying which is better but still. 
Apple would probly sell more if it drops to  below 1000 dollars now people will be buying them like crazy but the chrome book nobody even know what it is why pay that 1299 for it when you can buy a better faster pc laptop with faster memory and more features.
Looks like you're giving up a heck of a lot for just $200 in savings. No thanks. They'd be better off targeting the MacBook Air with the Chromebook.
500 dollar macbook pro that be nice people will buy them like crazy
I use Chromebook for most of my personal work but this is a steep price point. My next CB will be the $249 Samsung. But between Pixel and Mac, I would go with Pixel.
Mac - memory, storage, battery ... oh, and reputation.  Isn't there something about never buy version 1 of anything?
I agree with what  Sundar Pichai  said that "It's clear [that] touch is here to stay and it's the future,"  but I'll wait till the price drops.
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