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One part of the car has remained stubbornly resistant to change: the windshield. Until now, that is.

Would you use a computerized windshield?
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Love the feature, hope they will implement it soon :)
Possibly, but I would want a lot of limits on what it displays. It shouldn't display calendars, SMS, etc. because that's not pertinent to the task at hand, driving. I'm of the opinion that we have too many distractions while driving, even the hands free sorts of distractions are distractions. Humans perform more poorly on all tasks when they multitask, and when one of those tasks is life or death, I.E. piloting a 2 ton hunk of steel at 70 mph within 2 feet of other said hunks of steel, I would rather not have the distraction. 

I could see it being useful for displaying the speedometer, fuel level, current speed limit, and driving directions but nothing else. Anything else is irrelevant to the driving task and therefore is a safety risk. Texting has absolutely NO place in driving period, whether through a HUD or on your phone. I hope the NTSB severely limits what these windshields can display. 
Awesome!  Government Motors is now coming up with a HUD for cars, something that fighter planes have had for only 60+ years.  Thanks to this side effect, now we can say the bailout was not a complete failure.
This sounds so dangerous. The only thing that I would say might work with this is for bringing anything that's already in the main dash board display closer to the driver's eye level (speedometer, fuel gauge, warning lights, etc.). That way you never have to look away from the road to see things important to primary vehicle functions.

Now, text messages?! Maps?! Seriously?! If you absolutely must see these things, then you absolutely must pull over, stop in a safe location and and put your car in Park. Anything else is stupid and deadly behavior. Engaging your brain in reading anything (beyond what's on street signs and primary dash display) removes some or all of your ability to safely operate a vehicle.
No. Cell phones are bad enough. Safety guys!!
be sure that the advertisers will want to use this opportunity and your screen will be full of spam email. so full that you won't see the road  anymore.  
Nah, I don't need a $3000 windshield. It's bad enough when a rock hits one today.
This can be very entertaining and useful. But only when you are sitting in a Google self driving car! 
No good idea for manual use. Computerized driving yes.

dashboard components

some of the ideas are good enough to triple the number of accidents in a year.perhaps speedometre display would be helpful.
Please a lot of  drivers are way too distracted now. No need to add more distractions!
as a safety feature, yes. as an information source, way too dangerous.
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