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Remember using one of these? 

Not since the birth of the iPhone has the pay phone experienced such demand, thanks to Sandy.
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Is that one of those Blackberry's that people used to use?
I used one not so long ago, in a place in Portugal... a place that cellphones don't catch signal. :-)
Massive germ infestation device.
About a year ago my sisters phone and my phone were dead, we couldn't find one of these anywhere! 
Baby wipes work well to disinfect public phone, bathrooms door handles etc.
Plenty of cell phones before the iPhone put pay phones out 
it only cost a dime to use...hahahaHA
I know, weird, right?  I can't believe people used to pass these boat anchors around from person-to-person.
They're still around and serve as a sign to indicate a scary neighborhood.
Bye bye old technical...
I know some in State University of Yogyakarta (Indonesia), but i never see people use them.
iPhone??? Really? You guys didn't have mobile phones before 2007?
Aah.. so that's why they called it "revolutionary".. now it totally makes sense! :p
no.)) were mobile.))) but such as it was interesting to use it.))) if childhood was.)) cool.))
No Superman to save New yorkers from Sandy.. Co's there is no phonebooth for him to change...
They always go running back to MAMA!!!
It's amazing how fragile our network becomes when a natural disaster hits.  Takes us back to the fundamentals.
put a dime in and dial...hahaha i remember
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