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When asked why she was crying, Abigael, 4, responded, “It’s because I’m tired, I’m tired of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.” Watch:
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im pretty sure she says "branco bama" which is kind of cute
OM Hare KRSNA  Out of the mouth's of babes comes the Truth.
My Heartfelt Love to her and all. Om tat sat.
hmmm...has a reverse effect on me...obama makes me wanna puke and romney makes me wanna barf...
Ha Wang
At least the next generation (myself included) understand the implications of negative campaigns. Quoting from Epic Rap Battles of History, voting for the "shiniest of two turds" is not going to make anyone happy.
there something wrong that little girl
No, I think she's trying to convey some sort of meaningful information that could help save the situation.
No, she said she was tired of "Bronco Bama".  To which the multitude said: "Amen"
Let me guess +David Payer you have never heard a 4 year old talk? You know damn good and well she is talking about President Obama and Gov. Romney. Even her mother made it clear that she was talking about the election. WSJ just posted a picture, I posted the YouTube.
no afffence sweetie, but  what 4 year old gets the difference between an election and tiredness?
Oh pshaw--little kids get tired of homework, of veggies, of even their favorite toy at times. Why is such credence being given to this? Of course a four-year-old is tired of adult topics.
+Kristin Ruck You are absolutely right. The only point that is being made here is that the two party system was shoved down "We the People's" throat and we don't like it. There are other people to look at to run this country. My main reason for even getting involved. +Gary Johnson has the resume. Not Obama or Romney or Stein or Goode or Anderson or any of the others that have thrown their hat into the ring. We need a leader that will stand up for "We the People".
Gary Johnson doesn't know what he thinks.
Let me guess +Andrew Butler You're a better candidate than +Gary Johnson ? I've seen your profile and your wife's and looked into your background. You don't even come close.
How about that for what I think?
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