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Can you decode this?  GCHQ, the U.K.'s intelligence agency, has given up on translating a message found strapped to the leg of a dead carrier pigeon from World War II.
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It says, "I've buried the real crown jewels at the location described in the next letter."
If I told anyone what it says I'd be put in one of those NDAA camps and never be free again.
When I looked at that picture, I felt like that message was really important that an intelligence agency wasn't able to decode it. I wonder what it says.
This is a very early example of the code the british army still use today. It is called batcode and it is useless unless the receiver has the code booklet. 
+Douglas Girardot Do you really want to know? Stuff like this has gotten many a person dead. It is really simple code and it does surprise me that GC has had so much trouble with it.
+Gary Swann It is available. Nuff said.
I know!  It says : Hello Bob. I am having trouble with my encoder machine. 
I have no idea if this message will get to you as this bloody pigeon keeps getting stuck in chimneys. 
Well this is.....i cant tell it in public..
"Memo to IT department: This bird is sick.  Please send another ASAP."
It reads:
"For the last time, I did NOT order a pigeon! Stop sending this bird to me with notes covered in gibberish. If he comes back again, he'll be fed to the cat. END"
Its a 'one time pad' unless you have that days 'breaker' you may as well burn it.....
Two points, 1) it could have gone through an enigma machine, but that should have been broken by now. 2)it could be a personal variation on a well known code, upping the difficulty, but really?

PS +The Wall Street Journal GCHQ is not the UK's intelligence service, its one of the UK's intelligence services, specifically the one that handles SIGINT and governmental communications security, just like the NSA does for the US.  Factcheck Fail!
Its a 'one off'' encrypted short message sent via a Pigeon from either a downed British Bomber or a front line Infantry unit with a position report. Pigeon's were used often if there were no Wireless communications, or to protect a units position. Only the originator and the recipient knew how to decipher the short code and took many different methods to encipher/decipher, commonly a page from a book. The next message would be a completely different encipher page, whatever. This particular find was when a Man wanted to open up his fireplace and had the Chimney cleaned revealing just the leg of the Pigeon with a small sealed container with this message within it.  Unless someone comes forward from the originator it is doubtful if the code will ever be broken. 
Your right +David Langcake but "one off" had 3 meanings. Sight, Sound, and Sector. The numbers at the bottom are the key. It really is hard to believe that the boys across the pond had such a time with this. I'm bored anyone up for a game of scrabble?
I'm so sad! I'm not smarter then GCHQ :(  I was thinking I'm
Don't concern yourself Andrey, whatever the content was is long negated by
time itself....
Lack of english can be forgiven, because the encryption, most likely, was in german. I'll wait for encryption of the Cold War. Russian I know better
How it came to light was someone in Essex I think opened up his fire place and had it cleaned during which the pigeon's leg was discovered in the soot with this small sealed unit around it which contained said encrypted message. It's a 'one time' pad and only the recipient had the decode for it.... Unless they find the book for the decode may as well forget about it, probably a map/grid reference.
Did what? You did it for the first time? You did it with a man or a woman?
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It says: can you buy me an IPhone for this coming X'max?
Ahhhhj it's from Santa Linda.... A Surprise from WWII haha !
Excellent John, thanks, seems of interest.
Part of it says something about Reuters wanting to buyout DowJones news but needs major cash and credit. Then there is something about buried Nazi treasure on Fleet street, but watch out for #2.  Then there is something about bloody bugger Jerry this and that.  Very difficult, even for the NSA with all that Brit slang.  
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