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The Empire State Building has a new LED display that allows for 16 million color combinations and effects like ripples and sparkles. Watch:

Photo: Empire State Building
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this is what we spend our money on. 
Awesome, great edition to the NYC Skyline!
beautiful skyscrapers ...
wow remind me in the year of 2003,..
Nice but how about those 1000's of people with no light or home at all...??????
Pretty, but like others, I wonder if there might not have been a more effective use of those resources than lighting up the outside of a skyscraper. It's not like the Empire State Building is hard to miss or easy to mistake for another building. People from other countries can identify it on sight. It's handily one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in the world. Sooo... what's the point? 
Wish that was there when I went!!!
According to Panasonic switching to LED saves ~9% on a typical home's electric bill.  I wonder how much the Empire State Bldg will be saving.
One of the crucial reasons, I want to live in NYC! 
Best us Americans could do since it was built almost a century ago...
Wow, that's mesmerizing.

i like it with bright colours
wow!! the empire state building is very sophisticated and,good architecture in the world,,,unbelieveble wonderful.
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