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High self-esteem doesn't come from trophies and praise. Those kids will fall harder when the real world deflates them:
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Whatever happened to common sense. It looks like now the parents became kids. Raised by lifestyle magazines telling them how to live their life. How to raise kids, how to exercise, how to handle relationships. And people, instead of trusting themselves, trust the magazines. It really does look like people feel comfortable reading about how they should live their life. Instead of deciding for themselves
Completely agree. There is far too much coddling of children today. They need to be celebrated when they succeed but also learn that failure occurs in life and how to deal with and learn from it. 
Self-esteem cannot be given.  It must be earned.  You must earn it from yourself.  The only way to do that is to struggle and overcome.
+Carrie Butterworth I mostly seem to find the boomers who think they know best despite not learning anything for the past 20 years.
"A wave of recent research has pointed to the risks of overpraising a child." ~ Really. It takes research to know this o.O!
+juan alderete that's hash... not having the "qualification" doesn't mean not learning.  the days of the boomers weren't overloaded with qualifications where people need an engineering diploma to change a light bulb.
Oddly enough, self esteem comes from individual achievement, which we as a society no longer recognize. 
so please say this is the end to "ribbon for appearing like required" rewards!
How about being realistic? Your kids should always try their hardest but if they do, and they still don't succeed, help them find something they are good at. Maybe it's literature and not theoretical physics. Isn't seeing them happy and successful in their chosen field victory enough for YOU?
Life doesn't give you what you need; it gives you what you deserve.
Resilience & honesty is what this world needs more of... not pertinaciousness and dishonesty.
Impressive… you spelled hmmm correctly :P
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